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To bring my productivity to the next level, I decided to write down some goals I’d wish to achieve this week in regardance to my gaming habits: Explore and quest in Swamp of Sorrows (all low-level quests I can find) in World of Warcraft Run the Sunken Temple Dungeon in Swamp of Sorrows. Do a […]

I finally bought myself the Dual Talent Specc. I’m uber-pleased, as you might have figured by now 🙂 My first talent build was specialised in Destruction. I choose this build because I like destroying things. A lot. You can see my build here at the EU Armory. It’s 00/08/63. (I decided not to take screenshots, […]

After almost a year of playing World of Warcraft, my main character, Asarhia, has finally reached level 80. It’s a nice day, a very nice day 😀 Next up is getting epic gear, ofcourse 😀