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Short post, but yes you read it well: My first guide is up. It’s the Death Knight guide I was talking about ealier. Nothing else happened really as I was a bit busy with this mighty long guide and homework. Expect the next long post in a day or two. Read the guide. If you […]

Nowadays everyone who is anyone has a Death Knight. They are a hero class for a reason. Now although most people claim that Death Knights’ talent trees are broken, they pull aggro when they shouldn’t and they have the IQ of a baboon, I still like playing a Death Knight. Some people might remember that […]

This morning I logged in on my priest, Ryvenscryr, in the hopes of running a dungeon or two and hopefully level up. However, I noticed Ryvenscryr had received mail. With the mail came four extremely useful Mageweave 12 slot bags and a kind note from my warlock, Asarhia. She has such a nice sense of […]

Two days into patch 3.3.3, I have noticed that the new random BG tool is a signifant improvement. You get roughly 5000-6000 honor points whenever you win a random BG and easily make it to the cap of 1000 honor points even when your team has lost the battle. This is a major boost considering […]

You may or you may not be aware of the fact that Arathi Basin is my favourite battleground…EVER. I can’t really explain why but I think it’s probably because you don’t have to run away with a flag…I hated that game, even back when I was a child. Anyways…so yesterday, I was in the middle […]