I’ve been neglecting this blog again, haven’t I?


I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting this blog again, and I’m really sorry about it. It’s just that there’s a lot going on lately. Not that I haven’t played WoW. I have. A lot, actually. So, in for a quick run down?

Character: Asarhia (Warlock, level 80)

  • I’ve got The Love Fool achievement and title.
  • I nearly got the Elder’s achievement but failed to find time to run the Elune’s Blessing raid, so I’m stuck with all the achievements there but that one. Wanted to cry.
  • Been PvP’ing like crazy, running at least 5 BG’s a day and trying to get my PvP Gear asap. I hate it that my warlock keeps on dying every time I put it in a BG. Wearing tissue paper sucks beyond belief. I do a fair amount of damage though, even if I’m only wearing PvE gear right now. Still saving up for Dark Coven’s Regalia, but I’ve nearly got all epic gear on, apart from my trinkets. Hate the little buggers 😦
  • Got the Lets Get this Done! achievement for Arathi Basin. Trust me, it was epic; best Arathi play ever. We nearly got that achievement 0-1600 too, what’s it called again? but we ended with 10-1600.
  • Got my wand skill to the maximum, 400. Working on my staff right now, think I’m around 387 or something, should be to 400 soon. Next up is daggers since I got my hands on an epic dagger in Azol-Njerub yesterday.
  • Trying to get the Icecrown: The Final Goal achievements. I think I already did around 33 quests, not counting dailies, as I’m currently doing dailies in Icecrown too. I simply f’ing love Icecrown. I LOVE the quests, the monsters, the Death Gate, the war, the flying, everything!
  • Nearly got 200 on my Tailoring skill. I wanted this profession, because my second profession is Enchanting and they work fairly well together. I want to enchant my gear for more spell power. Also tailoring works well because I can sent gear to my low-level priest, Ryvenscryr. I’m going to lay off levelling it up for a while though, until I have enough gold.
  • Saving up for Epic Flying, you know that gets your skill to 300 but costs an insane amount of gold (4000, right?). Only about 600 g left to go. 🙂
  • I also did some quests in Kalimdor (I had ZERO quests there so far). Now I’m somewhere around 280. I want the Loremaster achievement so badly, I’m willing to do every f stupid quest Kalimdor has, and trust me, it’s the STUPIDEST quest zone in the whole of Azeroth, to me atleast. So I decided to switch on and off between Northrend and Kalimdor so I can at least have some fun.

Character: Newyn (Death Knight, 60)

  • Tried for The Love Fool achievement but failed. I simply didn’t have enough time on my hands to get it with two characters.
  • I run a BG daily now with Newyn but it’s really difficult since she’s only level 60 and thus in the 60-69 range. I die approximately 20 times in one BG, so I suck at it at this level.
  • Since I’ve specced my DK in blood, it’s hard to get into a dungeon using the random dungeon tool. Perhaps it would’ve been better to spec as a tank but then again, I don’t really know enough about WoW’s dungeons yet to lead a group through it safely, so perhaps dps was a better choice after all.
  • So all in all, I haven’t been playing my DK all that much. Sorry, Newyn.

Character: Ryvenscryr (Priest, 14)

  • Ryvenscryr is my newest character. I levelled her to level 14 and hope to quit the questing at level 15 and level her by running dungeons and BGs. So yeh, went from 1-14 with her. Went for Shadow as a spec. Hope to later dual spec with Discipline too.
  • Chose to profession for this one that match perfectly: herbalism and alchemy.

So yes, that’s the basics of what I’ve been doing. Had a busy month, as you can see, but my DK desperately needs more attention. =)


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