Guess who just bought epic flying?


Yesh, me, yours truly. The way was long, dangerous and not without any trouble. Getting 4000 gold was pretty much the hardest thing I ever did in WoW (mainly because I was stupid enough NOT to listen to the smart ppl and just do Northrend quests/dungeons but wanted to finish off stuff in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms first: big no no if you want to get your money fast). I also bought a Swift Red Wind Rider because they’re like freaking cheap and I had already stumbled across a Reins of the Bronze Drake mount in the Culling of Stratholme about a week ago, so now I instantly have two flying mounts. Check out my awesomeness.

Swift Red Wind Rider

Swift Red Wind Rider

 I’m still questing in Icecrown and I’m around 110 quests now. I however seem to have made it to the final quest: Tirion’s Gambit. That quest was really epic. Standing in Icecrown Citadel with the Lich King and some of the magnificent leaders of the Horde still makes me shiver. It was a great moment 🙂 I do think I missed some drop quests in Icecrown since I haven’t reached 140 yet and seemed to have gone to the final questline…Oh well, we shall see 🙂


2 Responses to “Guess who just bought epic flying?”

  1. Well done. Yes it is a long hard slog for your epic mount, I have 3 and feel your pain.

    You can earn it fairly quickly if you work hard on your proffs as well as quest and going for loremaster (which I assume you are) is also avery satisfying feeling (or so I am led to believe, levelling alts = no time for loremaster)

    Anyways, gratz and when you first mount up on your epic its like OMG this is sooo fast 🙂

    • Thx! Yes, I’m going for Loremaster: I’m crazy like that. 🙂 And yes indeed, first time I got on my epic I was like woaaaaaaah. 🙂 My problem with gathering the money was that I was first questing in Kalimdor, which doesn’t give you a lot of money at all. Then I decided to just go to Northrend first, where you get about 13g per quest. Had I continued questing in Kalimdor first, it would probably have taking me another year or so to find the necessary funds for epic 😉

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