Random PUG Diary #1: Ragefire Chasm


Yesterday I got bored of questing in Dustwallow Marsh on my main, Asarhia and decided to have some fun with my lowbie priest, Ryvenscryr. The reason why I quit the quests, although Dustwallow isn’t the most boring zone in Kalimdor – not at all really – is because I got depressed by seeing Onyxia’s Lair and not being able to go inside. For those who aren’t familiar wigth Onyxia: she’s one of the original bosses of WoW, dated back to the Vanilla era and was then the end boss of a level 60 raid. Nowadays they have revamped her lair completely and made our dear Onyxia into the end boss of a level 80 10/25 man raid. All nice and fun, but the problem is that I want to raid desperately. Unfortunately my gearscore isn’t really up for yet (to my shame I must admit I’m not even wearing all epic yet – those damned trinkets) so I have to wait. I dislike waiting. So I went on to my level 15 priest.

Ryvenscryr is shadow specced (not that it makes much difference at these low levels) but since I wanted to give healing a try, I choose the position of healer in Ragefire Chasm. My boyfriend, who has an alt that’s a lowbie rogue, joined in as dps. Now I’m well aware that not all the people in a lowbie dungeon are playing on their alts: some are actually newbies trying to get into the game. So I’m patient. I’m also new to healing so I figure I must appear as a newbie too. First two times we ran the Ragefire dungeon went by quite fine. No deaths whatsoever, no one even went below 3/4 of their health, the tank did a good job, dps’s were fine, all in all I was happy. Then I was ready to run Ragefire the third time, expecting it to go just as well as before…Boy, was I mistaken.

The group existed of me as priest healer, my boyfriend as dps, a paladin tank, hunter dps and a mage. The paladin did great as tank, he pulled just enough aggro and never really lost a lot of health. The mage dps did her job well enough. It was the hunter that was the actual problem. Although he obviously wasn’t new (he bragged a lot to me about his lvl 80 priest) he didn’t grasp the fact that he’s a dps. DPS. You deal damage. You don’t run in a mob straight ahead; that’s the tank’s job. The paladin soon began whining about the dps taking too much aggro. Sure as hell he was, he jumped into all mobs head first and often pulled three mobs at the same time. I tried healing the hunter but soon lost my interest in healing him: if he was intending to ruin the dungeon for all of was, I wasn’t going to waste my time healing my ass off trying to save his life. Let him die. So I did. I focused on healing the tank and the other dps’s, who got into quite some trouble too by the moron hunter’s identity issues. I repeat: DPS = deal damage. DPS = DO NOT run into mobs. After he died, he kept on begging me to resurrect him. His begging went somewhat like this: “Rez.” Rez? Excuse me. You could say please. After all, I spilled half my mana on you and we nearly whiped trying to save your pathetic ass. I then continued to say: “Oom.” He argued that I should drink. I told him that I wasn’t intending on resurrecting someone who clearly had no idea that he nearly got us all whiped by being a mindless jerk. He went on and on about how I couldn’t heal and how his priest was better (ofcourse he is: he’s level 80 and I’m level 15…) etc. I eventually said that if he wanted back into the dungeon, he was going to have to run. Perhaps he got the message, because he ran back in and we made it to the last mob without much hassle. I thought it was quite hilarious though, how when I’m a dps all I can do when a healer or tank or other dps screws up is whine and whine and whine (and sometimes kick) but when I’m the healer I can just decide that if someone is an ass he gets no more heals. Oh, the power.

When I was running Ragefire Chasm for about the sixth time, we ran into a brainless tank. He was a druid (go figure) and I don’t know if this character was an alt or actually his main, but he seemed stuck up enough for it to be an alt yet noobish enough for it to be his main. Oh well, whatever. The dungeon went quite alright, although the druid tank needed a bit more healing than the previous tanks. He went particularely fast, going from mob to mob, not caring if anyone’s mana was low or not. The warlock dps suddenly stated he had a manabreak, but the druid went along anyway. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do: continue or wait for the warlock. I decided to continue the dungeon because sure enough we could easily defeat the next mob without the warlock’s help. Eventually the warlock caught up and we were all in game again. I was a bit annoyed with the tank for not caring about his team mates at all, never even asking me if he pulled too much aggro or too fast, etc. But we never really whiped or came close to it, so I was happy. Until after this particular mob fight I ran out of mana. I was going to type oom, but by that time, the druid had already attacked another mob. He didn’t stand a chance. He had relied heavily on my healing, but now that was gone, he was dead snow. I was drinking like crazy (well not exactly, you can’t speed up drinking) and got enough mana to keep the others alive while they killed the mob. The druid of course was well annoyed. The conversation went somewhat like this:

Druid: “Why didn’t you heal me, priest?”
Priest (aka me): “I ran out of mana.”
Druid: “Why didn’t you say so?”
Priest (aka me): “I was going to, but you had already attacked the other mob by the time I could type oom.”
Druid: “You should have said so.”
Warlock: “You should have kept on eye on when the healer is going oom. You should know not to attack a mob when the healer has mb.”
Druid: “I can’t magically see that the healer has a mb.”
Warlock: “In fact you can. Just look at our icons at the left of your screen. The blue bar is the mana bar.”
Druid: “I know that!!!’
Warlock: “You said you couldn’t see it…”

Am I the only one who finds this hilarious? Boy, I wonder what else I’m going to see in the lowbie dungeons…anyways, my priest is level 17 now and I hope to get out of Ragefire Chasm soon since it’s well simply the most boring dungeon eeeeveeer.


2 Responses to “Random PUG Diary #1: Ragefire Chasm”

  1. Great story at the end re the conversation.

    I have an 80 pally (specced holy) and I also have a lvl 27 priest, specced as shadow. I find in the lower dungeons as dps I’m always oom so my dmg reflects that.

    My pally is my first healer and Ive had some bad experience. I switched to holy as soon as I reached 80, got some epics with the help of some guild members and then went out alone healing. I would always say I’m new to this so please be patient and aware of this and to begin with they would but soon forgot.

    I’ve been called a noob, a crap healer etc(I agree and I damn well told you so as well) but its gotten to the point that I ‘ve been put off healing as I cant be dealing with the aggro and grief people give me. They all seem to forget that people have to learn the class, yes I should have healed instances as I levelled but I wanted 80 quick on this char for the guild so didnt bother.

    Personally I love the priest class. My lvl 27 priest is a n’elf and I also have a lvl 44 b’elf priest, also shadow.

  2. 2 John Z

    haha – had similar experience running RFC with my L16 priest, and had hunter who thought he was tank… I love my lock to bits but healing (my 1st healz toon) has so much power – like this toon is a twat – die! thanx for the brilliant story 🙂

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