Arathi Basin: 2 Achievements in one battle.


You may or you may not be aware of the fact that Arathi Basin is my favourite battleground…EVER. I can’t really explain why but I think it’s probably because you don’t have to run away with a flag…I hated that game, even back when I was a child. Anyways…so yesterday, I was in the middle of another Arathi Basin battle but one that turned out better than expected. Way better.

Our group was awesome. For the first time since I’ve played a battleground, I actually had the feeling we were playing like a team. I mean, my warlock wears tissue paper so she dies easily (especially since she hasn’t got a full PvP gear set yet with some decent resilience stats on). But she also does a heck of a lot of damage. Now the problem is that when I die approximately twelve times during one battle, I could cast shadow bolts at the speed of light but I still would only do about 150 000 damage. Now this battle was different because we actually teamed up like we should. About eight of us ran past the farm, straight to the Lumber Mill and we began attacking the Alliance. Some warriors or DK’s or pallys (people who wear something more decent than tissue paper) were holding them back as I, together with some couple other casters, went on a killing spree. When we got attacked, we got healed instantly. We basically slaughtered the Alliance. They didn’t stand a chance.

We went like that from base to base and we were freaking unstoppable. The most important thing to me was that I stayed alive. I didn’t die once during the entire battle, although the battle took some time (it was one of the longest Arathi Basin bgs I’ve played). I felt powerful. I felt invincible. It was the feeling of brotherhood, companionship, the mutual feeling that we are fighting for the same cause. For the first time, I actually felt like a real member of the Horde faction. Of course the fact that we were so awesome brought along some benefits, in the form of achievements. Awesome achievements.

  • Arathi Basin Assassin is an achievement you get for killing five enemy players at each of the bases in a single Arathi Basin battle. People often use cheats for this one but I find that very stupid. It’s not like it can’t be done: get of your ass, get into a decent bg group and you can do it. Even I could.
  • Damage Control Achievement for doing more than 300 000 damage in a single battleground to players. I did about 500 000 damage by the end of the battleground. Got tons of honor too.

I feel sad for not being able to take screenshots, since I was too slow (damned me looking in awe at them pretty achievements) but other than that, I’m extremely proud for getting both of them. It was the best Arathi Basin battle ever and I hope I can do more battles of this kind in the future.

On another note, the new patch 3.3.3 is out which has a random BG tool! AWESOMENESS! I’m eagerly waiting behind my computer for the service maintenance time to be over so I can log on and check out all the new stuff 😀


6 Responses to “Arathi Basin: 2 Achievements in one battle.”

  1. I would agree with you 100% on that, I too think that AB is the best BG although I just love a great battle in the middle (middle ~ who me no! I never go the the middle) of Alterac Valley

    I’m done with guilds and its just me and my alts now in my own guild so I’m considering getting back into PVP, just which char to go with. Maybe review the patch and then decide although my gut feeling is my mage (main and reasonable pvp gear) or warlock (no pvp all blues – bah) but then again my holy pally has a few bits of pvp as well……..Aaargghhhhhh

    • So far the new patch seems good. Instead of only the random dungeon function, you now have the random bg tool. It’s cool because it gives you additional honor and some arena points if you win. I think it might get easier and faster to get some decent PvP gear this way.

      I’d say follow your gut feeling. I’m also always doubting between my alts, but in the end I always turn back to my warlock (main).

  2. Well too be honest I specifically levelled my lock for pvp but when I hit 80 I kinda lost interest (probably because I always died) and also I reckon I had my talent points all messed up.

    They are definately trying to get people back to pvp which is a good thing as they definately appeared to be pushing people to pve.


    • 4 Eternalised

      Oh, don’t talk to me about it. My lock keeps on dying in PvP too. I’m hoping the resilience on some of my new PvP gear will solve that. I tend to try and do things in team in PvP, you have a chance you’ll get healed in time and maybe a warrior or paladin or so can take the damage. I also use my Demonic Circle to teleport out of things when I’m stunned or snared, always carry a soulstone and healing potions with me and some fel healthstones. Those are some of my survival tricks in PvP because locks sure as hell need some.

  3. I’m looking at doing pvp on my mage but I’m still torn between her and my lock. I think I’ll start with my mage and then for a change get my ‘blue’ lock out, dust him off and let him have a little play but that will be a long grind to get some decent gear.

    Damn this game can be so time consuming can’t it.

  4. Ooooh I see you got the feed up and running. Coool 😉

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