PvP Gear Wishlist for my main


Two days into patch 3.3.3, I have noticed that the new random BG tool is a signifant improvement. You get roughly 5000-6000 honor points whenever you win a random BG and easily make it to the cap of 1000 honor points even when your team has lost the battle. This is a major boost considering that before the new patch, you only made about 500 honor points if you lost a BG. So considering the new and great changes, I decided to do a bit of honor farming. It does get boring after a while, lets say, after about 20 BGs…a day. 😉 I also did a bit of researching and in the spirit of obtaining countless honor points, I created a wishlist of all PvP Gear I would want for my main, my level 80 warlock named Asarhia. Scratched items are items I have already bought.

Let the honor farming continue! 😀


5 Responses to “PvP Gear Wishlist for my main”

  1. What a great idea, this way you know exactly how many points you need and what you are aiming towards.

    Maybe I should do the same

    • Heh, I just commented on your blog suggesting that maybe it’s a good idea for you to create a PvP gear wishlist of your own 🙂

      Also, thanks for explaining me how to get the feed working.

  2. One thing that may be worth mentioning is you wanting to spend 68200 points for Medallion of the Horde.

    Now you mentioned on my blog you want it to stop the movement impairing effects but there is another option, it just depends what you are after. If you want the extra resil it gives then great but do you do the Wintergrasp battles and if so do you have 25 WG marks floating around?

    For 25 marks you can buy from the WG vendor 1 of 2 trinkets that would suit you and also give you the same removal of movement impairing effects.

    I have the Titan-Forged Rune of Alacrity. The does exactly the same as medallion of the Horde but instead of resil it gives me an additional 95 haste. There is another one there that instead of haste gives you 111 spell power on top.

    It’s an awful lot of HP to spend if you are not to bothered about resil but instead feel you could do with a boost to haste or sp.

    Just a thought before you go wasting 70k honor needlessly.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I did a quick search and I think the one providing the spellpower is the Titan-Forged Rune of Audacity. They seem great, especially considering that they are way cheaper than the Medallion of the Horde. I wanted the Medallion mainly because of the removal of movement impairing effects, and since these do that too but are a lot cheaper I will probably go for the Rune of Audacity. I think 111 extra spellpower would be more suitable for my warlock than haste rating. 25 marks of victory in Wintergrasp is a pretty cheap bargain for these great trinkets 😀

  4. That was my thinking and means you can spend 70k on something else 😉

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