The Other Side of the Game…


This morning I logged in on my priest, Ryvenscryr, in the hopes of running a dungeon or two and hopefully level up. However, I noticed Ryvenscryr had received mail. With the mail came four extremely useful Mageweave 12 slot bags and a kind note from my warlock, Asarhia.

She has such a nice sense of humour. 🙂 Ryvenscryr however wasn’t that amused and solemly swore to rip off Asarhia’s head, whenever she saw the chance. On a sidenote, in the weekend I managed to raise Asarhia’s tailoring to 235 and her enchanting to 100. Still not that impressive, but we’re getting there.

*Note: the mail was ofcourse written by me to my alt. I thought it was funny to actually get into character once, since I never really do that but I did create made-up personalities for my characters in the past. I had some fun writing this.


One Response to “The Other Side of the Game…”

  1. He he that’s really funny and go you for a bit of roleplay.

    My tailoring on Magewraith is @ 445, I just can’t be bothered to do the last 5, so damn expensive.

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