A bit about Myrith, my Death Knight.


Nowadays everyone who is anyone has a Death Knight. They are a hero class for a reason. Now although most people claim that Death Knights’ talent trees are broken, they pull aggro when they shouldn’t and they have the IQ of a baboon, I still like playing a Death Knight. Some people might remember that I used to have a Death Knight named Newyn. Yeh, about that…She made it to level 60 and then pretty much died. I didn’t like her: the name just didn’t fit. I’m not a person who can randomly pick a name for any of her toons: for me the name needs to have a meaning, it needs to fit the character. Anyways, Newyn sounded empty. So I went for another name, one that I liked more…


I created her yesterday and got her from level 55 to level 58, basically by doing the obligatory Death Knight questline. She’s doing great. She only died once yet and the name fits much better. I actually see myself levelling her to level 80 which is always a good thing ofcourse šŸ™‚ Today I played my first bg with Myrith. Wow. Really wow.

She also got Know Thy Enemy and An Honorable Kill (ofcourse, she got like 47 in the battleground). It’s amazing mostly in the fact that I don’t necessarily die if four people attack me. If I see two people defending a base, I can calmly walk up to them and kill them, and not getting killed myself! I haven’t even got the first achievement on my main…Bloody awesome, four achievements in twenty minutes. We didn’t even win. Hah. But I don’t care. I’m happy. Myrith is doing great. Thank god for the invention of plate, because really when compared to it, cloth does suck.

I am currently working on a guide for the Death Knight questline, level 55 – 58. Basically that’s from when you first create your Death Knight and click “enter world” to when you get rotten vegetables thrown at you in Orgrimmar. The guide is not open to the general public yet because it isn’t finished, I need some ppl to proofread it and/or to help by saying what could be improved, etc. If anyone is interested, here is the link. Please don’t comment on the page of the guide itself, because I would like to keep that for ppl who have actual questions regarding to the guide itself. Feel free to comment on this post with any constructive criticism about the guide. Also, if you’d like to link to it, please wait another couple of days until it’s completely finished and I will release it to the public.


One Response to “A bit about Myrith, my Death Knight.”

  1. Very well done indeed…. My DK is lvl 60 and has been for aaages. She is a B’elf called Bodysnatcher which I think really suits her.

    I haven’t done any bg’s yet with her so maybe I should give it a go. I know when levelling my pally and having 4 x boa pieces, I owned so I can always send them over.

    You are correct, survivability as a clothie sucks and with all the stuns, death grips etc its harder than ever to kite but I guess that will come with practice.

    Hope you get Myrith to 80

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