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Yesterday I got bored of questing in Dustwallow Marsh on my main, Asarhia and decided to have some fun with my lowbie priest, Ryvenscryr. The reason why I quit the quests, although Dustwallow isn’t the most boring zone in Kalimdor – not at all really – is because I got depressed by seeing Onyxia’s Lair […]

Yesh, me, yours truly. The way was long, dangerous and not without any trouble. Getting 4000 gold was pretty much the hardest thing I ever did in WoW (mainly because I was stupid enough NOT to listen to the smart ppl and just do Northrend quests/dungeons but wanted to finish off stuff in Kalimdor and […]

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting this blog again, and I’m really sorry about it. It’s just that there’s a lot going on lately. Not that I haven’t played WoW. I have. A lot, actually. So, in for a quick run down? Character: Asarhia (Warlock, level 80) I’ve got The Love Fool achievement and title. I […]