My account got hacked.


I feel like killing someone. Anyone. So yesterday all is fine and nice, then today my account gets hacked 😦 They stole several pieces of my armor, but not all of it. I don’t have any words for whoever has done this except for the fact that he/she is an idiotic dickhead who should be killed and cut into a million different pieces.
I’ve never given anyone my mail, let alone my password. This feeling is horrible, it’s like someone just came and took the things I’ve been working for so hard and left me with nothing. Well, I should get it back from Blizzard ofcourse, but still I won’t be happy or relaxed again until my armor is back where it belongs: with me. God knows what else they might’ve stolen/done.

Mailing Blizzard now.


8 Responses to “My account got hacked.”

  1. OMG that’s terrible.

    Yes you should get your armor back ok but how did they do it? I know you can’t answer that but it just really annoys me, these people obviously have nothing better to do.

    Good luck with Blizzard and let’s hope it’s not too long before you get it resolved.

  2. Are you sure its been hacked. On wow armory I have 2 pieces now showing as ninjaed and vendored? Do you think Blizzard are playing April Fools on u s all. I can’t check atm as I dont have it on my comp here?

  3. I think its defo an Aprils Fool…….my mates is showing the same and on other stuff says he ‘cheesed’ it hahaha!!!

    At least I’m hoping thats what it is

  4. 4 Eternalised

    Hm, I HOPE it’s April Fools but I can’t log into my account on WoW. Can you? An Authenticator appears.

    • 5 Eternalised

      I’d understand if the pieces not showing up is all, but I don’t think Blizzard would put an authenticator on an account and make sure you can’t play at all, all day. I mean if that’s the joke, I consider it a bad one. I don’t think they would do that. Earlier on, I logged on to my mate’s account and he had no problems going on.

  5. 6 Eternalised

    Everything in my feed shows up as ninjaed and cheesed too. That’s funny 🙂 However, items on my armory page are missing, really gone (all the ones you can sell, not the ones I got with honor points) and I can’t log in, because an authenticator (which I don’t have) pops up. So yes, I’m sure it’s been hacked.

  6. Hmm well I can log in so its not looking good.

    Hope you sort it out asap, bet you are will pis*ed off and who can blame you

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