The adventures of my Death Knight


The last couple of days I’ve been working on levelling my Death Knight.  You might remember that I used Myrith as main character in a DK Guide I recently wrote and I left her off at level 58. It’s particularly easy to level an alt of level 58 when you have a couple of level 80 friends. At first, I wasn’t going to rely on my friends to help me level, but after waiting in the queue for Hellfire Ramparts for about two hours, I was devastated enough to ‘take the easy way out’. One note is that, had I specced my DK for tanking, it would’ve still taken half an hour to find a group, and seeing as I was specced for damage and too poor to buy dual-spec, I was seriously screwed. Running Hellfire Ramparts twice and Blood Furnace once was enough XP to level my Death Knight form level 58 to level 60. It also provided me with two nice achievements.

Nothing noteworthy happened during those dungeons, apart from well…it was the first time I did them, ever. I wasn’t much of a dungeon fan back in the good old days when I was levelling my warlock, mostly because I didn’t feel like teaming up with unknown people while I knew I died quickly, didn’t do that much damage and basically life was one long struggle to stay alive and make some progress. I levelled by doing quests, which I enjoyed and which didn’t make me nervous. But now I’m level 80 on my warlocks and I get myself through heroic dungeons everyday, I’m used to teaming up with others. I like it. If someone is an idiot, I don’t take it personally, I just think: “oh well, what does he know?” and let it go, which I couldn’t do before back when I was levelling the warlock and everything sounded like a personal insult. I didn’t even dare doing battlegrounds on my warlock until I was level 80. My Death Knight gets a more special treatment: she gets high-level dungeons and a whole lot of gear goodies. She also gets her daily BG, and she’s nearly indestructible in them. I say nearly because now, at level 60, she’s the lowest level in the battlegrounds and ppl usually kick her ass. Heh. So, after I finished those two dungeons, I got my friend to run The Slave Pens with me, although he absolutely hates that dungeon. I figured out why soon enough: the constant fears, the bombs on the floor, the gigantic monster you have to kill but actually makes you want to puke and whose name is so complicated I could nto spell it if my life depended on it. Eh, anyways. We made it to the end, but I had to swear he’ll never have to get me through The Slave Pens again. Except well, on heroic mode that is (he’s not yet aware of this fact). So, here’s your proof.

I have a couple of things I want to purchase for my characters. First on the list is Dual Spec for Myrith, since I want to get into tanking and she definately needs the right Spec for that, but I figure that DPS might be more profitable in Battlegrounds (and also, I’m a real DPSer at heart). Second up is enough funds to get Asarhia’s professions to the maximum, especially enchanting which is going to cost a hell of a lot. Third up is Dual Spec for my lowbie priest, Ryvenscryr (she should be level 40 by the time Ash’s professions are maximized) so she can have both Shadow (her current spec) and Holy and function as a Healer too. Unfortunately, I’ve only saved about half of the money needed to buy Dual Spec for Myrith, so I’ve still got a lot of saving to do. On the other hand, I managed to save up enough honor points yesterday to get my main, Asarhia, a nice new PvP Cloak: Wrathful Cloak of Subjugation. It came at the price of 52 200 honor, but it were points well spent because the cloak is level 264 (so pretty impressive) and managed to raise my gear score to 4971. Almost ready to join the big guys (with 5gs then I mean) and get into raiding. My friends say I’m an idiot for not wanting to raid until I have a gear score of 5000, but I’m stubborn. 🙂 Next item I want to buy with honor points for my warlock, is the Wrathful Band of Dominance and I nearly have enough Emblems of Triumph for Guldan’s Leggings of Conquest. Although my desired PvP Gear set is nearly complete, my PvE gear set is lacking extremely and has probably more PvP items than PvE, hence why I need to work on that a bit.


One Response to “The adventures of my Death Knight”

  1. 1 Alice

    I’m not too fond of those dungeons – personally I prefer the Northrend Dungeons, but they are fun the first time you do them. I think I just got bored with them. I’m jealous of your gear score, my current is 4.7 and I don’t seem to be able to get it up anymore 😦

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