Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich?


Usually Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich? is one of the hardest achievements to obtain, unless you feel like spending a day or three continuously hitting low-level monsters and chasing them through half of the continent. I hadn’t really planned to complete this achievement, but yesterday I got quite the surprise when I stumbled into Orgrimmar, hoping to level my tailoring up a bit. Some paladin tank had kited Overlord Mok’Morrok, a friendly level 45 NPC all the way from Dustwallow Marsh to Orgrimmar. Apparently there’s a quest in which you have to kill or at least defeat the Overlord, and unless you use the actual quest item, he won’t die. He kept staying on 1 HP all the time he was in Orgrimmar, and soon a mob had formed hitting the fearsome Overlord. The general advice was: Level up your weapon skills! Well, since mine are mostly 360 and up, I decided to level up my unarmed skill, which was still at like 13 or so. Check out the crazyness.

A lot of people didn’t understand the concept and urged us to ‘kill the damn dude’, which was bloody hilarious. Then a level 59 priest decided to call us all nOObs, and went on fearing the Overlord a bazillion of times. She also ticketed a GM and was going on and on about how soon the GM would be there. Needless to say, no GM in sight for the entire hour Overlord Mok’Morrok spent in Orgrimmar. The priest was really annoying though and kept going on and on about how he was so l33t because he had four level eighties already. Oh yeh, boohoo. He didn’t even gasp the fact that we weren’t planning on killing an unkillable mob. He was hilarious though, freaking idiot. Didn’t even wear heirlooms, now tell me, if you have four level 80s, you can at least give your lowbie heirlooms, no? It was also bloody hilarious how everyone kept going on about our precious Overlord being tougher than the Lich King and how we needed Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee to defeat him. Heh. Anyways, thanks to the joyful paladin who brought us the magnificent Overlord, I am now ten achievement points richer. So, Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich?


One Response to “Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich?”

  1. Thats really funny.

    I know I have this ach on my mage and hunter, my lock well thats put aside but nore sure about my pally. I usually just go to Azshara and smack the giants then head to icecrown and finish it off. Takes about an hour depending on what level I am when I start.

    But…thats looks like real fun 😉

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