My first try at raiding…failed miserably.


Let me tell you the story of my first raiding experience gone terribly wrong. Unfortunately, this post is without pictures, so you’ll have to visualize it yourself.

My boyfriend (Holy Paladin) and I (Warlock) were hanging around in Dalaran, obviously bored. He was continuously whining to me about how he wants to gear up (read: item level 264) and can no longer do that with just Emblems of Frost. I couldn’t agree more, I’m also obsessed with gearscore (5400gs at the moment, wooptidoo!) but I’m extremely nervous to go raiding. I already have panic attacks while in dungeons, the Oculus being enough to get me on a nervous breakdown, so I really don’t want to know what will happen if I go fight an extremely powerful boss with another 9 people.  A heart attack came to mind, as did various ways of escaping, including jumping off a bridge, murdering my boyfriend, or shutting down the computer. Imagine the horror! But as I said, I was extremely bored and I want to gear up, so part of me decided that it was time to let go of my irrational fear towards group quests, dungeons, raids, and anything that is done with more than two people. Since our guild is quite nOObish, they don’t raid yet, and most of the members are just leveling up to 80 at this point. We asked the guild, about two people replied and joined for TOC 10, then we asked in Dalaran, etc. We found raid members quite easily, and in half an hour we were ready to rumble.

I don’t know all classes that were involved, but the first tank was my boyfriend, Holy Paladin. The second was a warrior, who had a really low gs and was really undergeared, but was unfortunately the only one available at the time. We had a priest and a tree in the healing bracket, and the dps’ers included a hunter, warlock (yours truly), mage, shadow priest, and the others I didn’t see enough from to actually notice. So we went in all jolly and joyful – I mean it’s TOC 10, it’s not ICC. It should go well enough. Most of us had decent gear, some had already downed TOC. It should be a piece of cake, right? Right?

The first boss went down quick enough, without much hassle. The tanks managed to keep pulling him easily enough, we dps’ed him to the floor. Then came the second boss, Dreadscale and his buddy, Acidmaw. I don’t like those two fellows, continuously crawling under the floor and then jumping up underneat your feet…I escaped their attack every time, but our dear hunter wasn’t so fortunate the first time around. We attacked Acidmaw first, and killed him, and then turned to Dreadscale. I don’t know how exactly it happened, but one of the tanks died, and then half of the dps died. The mage and I – and we wear goddamn cloth – were the last ones standing, with only one healer and one tank left. Meanwhile the other dps’es and the other thank who screwed up, were whining like crazy. The mage died approximately at the same time the healer died, and I suddenly panicked when I realised it was only me and the Holy Paladin tank, who had only a fraction of his health left, who were going to have to kill this boss or be killed while trying. Then the unimaginable happened: the tank died. Dreadscale only had a tiny bit of health left – and I swear, one critical chaos bolt would have killed the damn bastard. But apparently those chaos bolts don’t know to crit when your life is in freaking danger. I shot a chaos bolt at Dreadscale, he attacked me twice and killed me. He lived with an astonishing 5000hp left. I felt like jumping in a hole in the ground and never coming to the surface again. However, I was also quite proud: I had been the last one standing and I had nearly killed Dreadscale. So I figured, if we got this close, the second time around, we could kill this bastard, right? Right?

Wrong. Terribly wrong. We actually did worse the second time and by the time we got to our third try, we couldn’t even defeat Gormok the Impaler anymore. Needless to say the others left. I didn’t quite figure out why they left, I wouldn’t have had any problems with trying again, even if I had to run that raid for eight hours in a row. I wanted to kill those bosses, I wanted to sit on a throne made of their bones and skulls, I wanted to make Dreadscale my pet and war mount, etc. Anyways, I’m totally ready for another shot at TOC 10. Now I only have to find a group who does not care if they whipe three times in a row and a second tank who can actually pull aggro. Where would I find that?


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