Hallow’s End Guide (Horde)


It’s that time of the year again! Put your favorite costume on – whether that be a ghost, bat, ninja, or something along those lines – and scare the hell out of your fellow players, stop the fires and protect innocent orphans, go all “Trick or Treat!” on every Innkeeper you come across, give the people in Southshore a stinky surprise and kill [NPC] The Headless Horseman, with high hopes that [I] The Horseman’s Reins will finally drop. Prepare yourselves people, because it’s Hallow’s End! *insert evil, malicious laugh*


  • !  Quest
  • [A] Achievement
  • [NPC] NPC
  • [I] Items

In this guide I will explain how to get the achievements necessary for the meta-achievement [A] Hallowed be Thy Name. If you don’t do it for the gorgeous Violet Proto Drake you receive at the end of a year of World Events, or because Hallow’s End really is a blast, you might be persuaded by the lovely title you get from this achievement: The Hallowed. Some of the required achievements are insanely easy to get, while others depens mostly on a sheer luck factor, and can take you quite a while. Thank god you don’t need [A] A Mask for All Occasions for the meta-achievement, or we would all be crying in pain and agony every time we get a duplicate mask. Get some snacks, drinks, and whatever else you need, sit back and relax, and let me tell you the easiest way to be Hallowed.

All subtitles refer to achievements  necessary for [A] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

  • Trick or Treat
  • Tricks and Treats of Azeroth
  • G.N.E.R.D. Rage
  • That Sparkling Smile
  • The Mask Task/A Mask for All Occasions
  • The Savior of Hallow’s End
  • Check your Head
  • Rotten Hallow
  • Bring Me The Head of…Oh Wait
  • Out with It
  • Sinister Calling
  • The Masquerade

Trick or Treat

On Hallow’s End, all Inns get decorated with beautiful, seasonal pumpkins. Some of these pumpkins look a little different from the rest, have a big yellow exclamation mark on them, and are located near the Innkeeper. They offer a one-time quest: if you click on them, they will provide you with a [I] Handful of Candy. The first Candy Bucket you click will give you the achievement [A] Trick or Treat. If you right-click on the [I] Handful of Candy, you will be provided by a series of seasonal snacks: [I] Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball, [I] G.N.E.R.D.S., [I] Chewy Fel Taffy and [I] Soothing Spearmint Candy. Don’t just throw the candy away, because some of it is actually useful.

When you right-click an Innkeeper during the Hallow’s End season, you will see an additional option: Trick or Treat! You can Trick or Treat once every hour. You might get tricked, which means you will be turned into a bat, ghost, or something else. If the costume bothers you, you can dispell it by right-clicking on the costume image in the right corner of your screen (next to the minimap, etc.). If you get lucky, and get a treat, you will receive a  [I] Treat Bag. This bag can contain various items, such as [I] a male/female Flimsy Mask, [I] a Hallowed Wand, and sometimes even, if you get really lucky, [I] a Sinister Squashling or [I] Hallowed Helm.

If the [I] Treat Bag gives you [I] a male/female Flimsy Mask, you will be awared with the achievement [A] The Mask Task. More about that later on in this guide, under the subtitle: The Mask Task/The Masquerade.

Tricks and Treats of Azeroth

The achievements [A] Tricks and Treats of the Eastern Kingdoms, [A] Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor and [A] Tricks and Treats of Outland require you to visit several Inns all across Azeroth. In every one of those Inns, you need to complete the one-time quest given by the Candy Bucket located near the Innkeeper. These achievements are very easy, but can be very time-consuming. Checking “Innkeeper” in your tracking options makes it easier to find the location of the Inns. The fact that all of the quests count towards [A] 3000 quests completed, might be an extra motivation to do them. 🙂

For [A] Tricks and Treats of the Eastern Kingdoms, the easiest way is to start in Silvermoon and make your way down to Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay. Here’s a map of all the locations you should visit to get the achievement. Now I will tell you the fastest route through the Eastern Kingdoms, with map location links.

  1. Silvermoon, The Royal Quarter
  2. Silvermoon, The Bazaar
  3. Eversong Woods, Falconwing Square !
  4. Eversong Woods, Fairbreeze Village
  5. Ghostlands, Tranquilien
  6. Eastern Plaguelands, Light’s Hope Chapel
  7. Undercity, The Trade Quarter
  8. Tirisfal Glades, Brill !?
  9. Silverpine Forest, The Sepulcher
  10. Hillsbrad Foothills, Tarren Mill
  11. Arathi Highlands, Hammerfall
  12. Hinterlands, Revantusk Village
  13. Badlands, Kargath
  14. Swamp of Sorrows, Stonard
  15. Stranglethorn Vale, Grom’gol Base Camp
  16. Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay

! In Eversong Woods, Falconwing Square and Tirisfal Glades, Brill, you can do the ! Stop The Fires!/Let The Fires Come! questline, which is mentioned later on in this guide.
? Be sure to pay a visit to [NPC] Darkcaller Yanka, who will give you the quests ! Stinking up Soutshore and ! Rotten Eggs. Facing out of Lordaeron/Undercity (i.e. north, towards Brill), follow the road to the left around Undercity (near the U of ‘Undercity’). You should run into her when you travel from Brill or the Undercity to the Sepulcher. Here’s a more specific map of her location. More about these quests can be found under the subtitle: Rotten Hallow.

On this map, you can see all the Inns you should visit for [A] Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor. Once again, it’s a good idea to start at the top and make your way down to the bottom, starting in Winterspring, Everlook and ending in Silithus, Cenarion Hold. Here’s the route I’d suggest.

  1. Winterspring, Everlook
  2. Ashenvale, Splintertree Post
  3. Orgrimmar, Valley of Strength
  4. Durotar, Razor Hill !
  5. Barrens, Ratchet
  6. Barrens, The Crossroads
  7. Barrens, Camp Taurajo
  8. Stonetalon Mountains, Sunrock Retreat
  9. Desolace, Shadowprey Village
  10. Thunder Bluff, Lower Rise
  11. Mulgore, Bloodhoof Village
  12. Dustwallow Marsh, Brackenwall Village
  13. Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket
  14. Feralas, Camp Mojache
  15. Thousand Needles, Freewind Post
  16. Tanaris, Gadgetzan
  17. Silithus, Cenarion Hold

! If you pass Razor Hill, you might stop for a while and do the ! Stop the Fires!/Let the Fires Come! questline, in case you haven’t done it yet. I will talk about these quests later in the guide.

Personally, I found the [A] Tricks and Treats of Outland to take the longest. Here’s a map of all locations you should visit, before I give you a more detailed route. Once again, I advise you to start at the top (Netherstorm, The Stormspire) and work your way back to the bottom (Shadowmoon Valley). Here’s the route I think worst fastets, with map location links included.

  1. Netherstorm, The Stormspire
  2. Netherstorm, Area 52
  3. Blade’s Edge Mountains, Mok’nathal Village
  4. Blade’s Edge Mountains, Evergrove
  5. Blade’s Edge Mountains, Thunderlord Stronghold
  6. Zangarmarsh, Zabra’jin
  7. Zangarmarsh, Cenarion Refuge
  8. Hellfire Peninsula, Thrallmar
  9. Hellfire Peninsula, Falcon Watch
  10. Nagrand, Garadar
  11. Shattrah City, Aldor Rise or Scryer’s Tier !
  12. Terrokar Forest, Stonebreaker Hold
  13. Shadowmoon Valley, Shadowmoon Village
  14. Shadowmoon Valley, Altar of Sha’tar (Aldor) or Sanctum of the Stars (Scryers) !

! Visit one of both locations, depending on what faction you’re friendly with. If you’re friendly with the Scryers, you should visit Shattrah City, Scryer’s Tier and Shadowmoon Valley, Sanctum of the Stars. However, if you’re friendly with the Aldor, you should visit Shattrah City, Aldor Rise and Shadowmoon Valley, Altar of Sha’tar .

All of these achievements count towards [A] Tricks and Treats of Azeroth, which is necessary for the meta-achievement [A] Hallowed be Thy Name. It’s needless to say that completing these will cost you some time. I easily finished them in under 3 hours, by following sensible routes, and with not all locations discovered yet (of course, this goes a lot faster when you have all these locations as flightpath, rather than having to fly to some yourself). If you’re not yet level 80, all candy buckets give you experience too, and a sum of money (3g 75s), which is always a nice bonus.

Keep in mind that there are candy buckets in Northrend too, and although they do give money and experience, they do not count towards [A] Tricks and Treats of Azeroth, so their locations will not be covered in this guide.

G.N.E.R.D. Rage

You may have noticed that the Candy Buckets in the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland often provide you with [I] G.N.E.R.D.S. Once eaten, they provide you with a silly dodge buff (what is it, 2%? quite useless really). For the [A] G.N.E.R.D. Rage achievement, you have to get 50 honorable kills while under the influence of the G.N.E.R.D buff. This achievement is actually quite simple. Put yourself in the battleground queue, and once you’ve gotten into a battleground, eat some [I] G.N.E.R.D.S. Go kill. Just remember that when you die, you have to eat [I] G.N.E.R.D.S again, to regain the buff. Running one battleground sufficed for me to complete this achievement, but depending on your luck/experience, you might have to run two battlegrounds or more.

That Sparkling Smile

This is perhaps the easiest achievement of them all, but it sort of depends on your luck factor too. To complete [A] That Sparkling Smile, you need to use a  [I] Tooth Pick, which has a chance to drop from a [I] Treat Bag you get from Trick or Treating. Once you’ve got the [I] Tooth Pick , all you have to do is use it. Simple, eh?

The Mask Task/A Mask for All Occasions

For [A] The Mask Task, you need to obtain a Flimsy Mask, which has a chance to be contained in a [I] Treat Bag , a [I] Crudely Wrapped Gift (see: The Savior of Hallow’s End) or in a [I] Loot-Filled Pumpkin (see: Bring Me the Head of…Oh Wait). This is an easy-to-get achievement, however [A] A Mask for All Occasions can be damn hard. Luckily for you, you don’t need it to get  [A] Hallowed be Thy Name, but I will explain the achievement anyway. For [A] A Mask for All Occasions you need to collect all of the 20 unique Flimsy Masks. Once you’ve obtained one of these masks, they count permanently, and you are free to destroy them if you want (they take up bag space anyway). You might want to complete this achievement over the course of more than one year, unless you want to lock yourself up in the basement for two full weeks and trick or treat every hour, sacrificing your health, sanity and sleep for it.

The Savior of Hallow’s End

For this achievement, you have to complete the ! Stop The Fires!/Let The Fires Come! questline, which is also a daily quest you can repeat every day during the Hallow’s End holiday, and will reward you with a [I] Crudely Wrapped Gift. This event takes place in Tirisfal Glades, Brill; Eversong Woods, Falconwing Square, and Durotar, Razor Hill. I advise you to take part in this event during the first few days of the holiday, because you need quite a few players to stop the fires, and towards the end of the holiday, you might find yourself battling the Shade of the Horseman solo.

The questline starts at ! Masked Orphan Matron, which is basically just a quest leading you towards the Orphan Matron in Brill, Falconwing Square or Razor Hill, who will provide you with the other quests. This quest is not necessary to get the other quests. Next up, the Orphan Matron will give you ! Fire Training. This quest can only be completed once. The matron will guide you towards a nearby water barrel, just outside Razor Hill, Falconwing Square or Brill, where you can collect water in a water bucket, and throw at test flames. Once you’ve successfully hit 5 fires, return to the Matron.

Depending on whether or not the Shade of the Horseman is in town yet, the Matron will give you ! Stop the Fires! or ! Let the Fires Come! If the village is already under attack by the Shade of the Horseman, you will be given ! Stop the Fires! If not, you will receive ! Let the Fires Come! Although both quests have different titles, they have the same purpose. The Shade of the Horseman will put certain buildings in the village on fire, and you have to exstinguish those fires with the help of other players.

When you’ve completed the quest and turn it in to the Orphan Matron, you will receive a [I] Crudely Wrapped Gift. This gift can contain anything from a [I] Flimsy Mask, [I] Hallowed Wand, to a [I] Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern. You can repeat the last quest ! Stop the Fires! /Let the Fires Come! daily. You will also get the achievement [A] The Savior of Hallow’s End.

Check your Head

[A] Check your Head requires you to put pumpkin heads on all possible in-game races, whether they be Alliance or Horde. You can do this by throwing [I] Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern to other players of each race. You can get these lanterns by completing the ! Stop the Fires! /Let the Fires Come! questline, or by defeating [NPC] The Headless Horseman. Although it’s easy to find the Horde races, it might be difficult to find the Alliance races, unless you can get into Dalaran.

Rotten Hallow

The [A] Rotten Hallow achievement can be obtained from completing the quests given to you by [NPC] Darkcaller Yanka. She is stationed close to the wickery man, outside Undercity. Facing out of Lordaeron/Undercity (i.e. north, towards Brill), follow the road to the left around Undercity (near the U of ‘Undercity’). Here’s a map showing her exact location. I advise you to take up these quests while you’re completing [A] Tricks and Treats of the Eastern Kingdoms, so you don’t have to travel all across Azeroth without any reason. Darkcaller Yanka gives you two quests: ! Stinking up Southshore and ! Rotten Eggs. Both of these quests are completed in Southshore, which is Alliance territory. You will have no trouble getting in and out alive when you’re level 80, or even at level 70, but for lowbie characters completing these quests might be a hassle, if not impossible.

! Stinking up Southshore requires you throwing stink bombs in the middle of the town of Southshore. The quest is easy enough, if you can fight off the ever-respawning guards.

For ! Rotten Eggs you must place the [I] Rotten Eggs (check your bag) inside the kegs, which are located near the stairs to the second floor in the main building of Southshore. Once you complete this quest, a new quest will be available. This quest is called ! Ruined Kegs and requires you to travel back to [NPC] Darkcaller Yanka to declare your victory.

Once you turn in both ! Stinking up Southshore and ! Ruined Kegs to  [NPC] Darkcaller Yanka, you will receive the achievement [A] Rotten Hallow. All in all, these quests took me about fifteen minutes to complete, and it’s actually great fun!

Bring Me The Head of…Oh Wait

For [A] Bring Me The Head of…Oh Wait, all you have to do is kill [NPC] The Headless Horseman, who can be summoned inside Scarlet Monestary. [NPC] The Headless Horseman is a level 80+ 5-man boss, who will only spawn for level 78+ players who have queued using the Dungeon Finder tool. He drops epic-quality gear and additional fun holiday loot, which can be found in the Loot-Filled Pumpkin, awarded once a day for killing the Headless Horseman. The first time every day you kill the Headless Horseman, you will also receive 24 Justice Points and 19g 86s.

There are no real tactis for killing the Horseman. For a level 80 character, he’s quite the easy kill. The Horseman himself drops level 200 rings, such as  [I] The Ring of Ghoulish Glee, [I] The Horseman’s Seal and [I] Wicked Witches’ Band. What is much more interesting, is the [I] Loot-Filled Pumpkin, which can give you a whole array of things.

The [I] Loot-Filled Pumpkin can drop the all-desired [I] The Horseman’s Reins, or the equally as rare [I] Sinister Squashling or [I] Hallowed Hem, both of which you need for the [A] Sinister Calling achievement. If you’re not as lucky, it might contain some [I] Tricky Treats, or a temporary flying mount:  [I] Magic Broom, which can be used in Outland and Northrend.

Out With It

Out With It is a simple achievement that requires you to eat as many [I] Tricky Treats necessary to get an upset tummy (which is usually 2-3). The [I] Tricky Treats drop from [NPC] The Headless Horseman.

Sinister Calling

By far the hardest achievement to complete is [A] Sinister Calling, for which you need both a [I] Sinister Squashling and a [I] Hallowed Hem. Both of these items can be contained in the [I] Loot-Filled Pumpkin, the [I] Crudely Wrapped Gift or a [I] Treat Bag, if you’re insanely lucky.

The Masquerade

Sometimes a [I] Loot-Filled Pumpkin, [I] Crudely Wrapped Gift or a [I] Treat Bag contains a [I] Hallowed Wand. There are 7 possible Hallowed Wands, and every wand has 5 charges. You can use them on a party member, however you cannot use them on yourself. So you either have to ask your friends to change you into a skeleton, wisp, bat, ghost, leper gnome, ninja or pirate, or you have to pay someone to do it. You will often see people selling charges on the Trade channel, so you can try there for 10g-20g per charge, and you can sell wands yourself to gain the money back. It’s a win-win situation, really. When you’ve been turned by all 7  Hallowed Wands, you will receive [A] The Masquerade.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

We’ve come to the end of this guide, and so far I’ve discussed all possible achievements needed to get the meta-achievement [A] Hallowed Be Thy Name. I did the achievement last year on my main, but this year on my alt it took me approximately 5 hours to complete all of the achievements, except  [A] Sinister Calling (luck just isn’t on my side). I wish you a lot of fun with Hallow’s End, and enjoy your new title: The Hallowed. Happy Hallow’s End!

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