I was born to be an ICC raid leader.


I’ve been a member of this guild for a couple of months now. Many raids later, I thought it was my turn to shine in the spotlight, so when my boyfriend said he was going to organise a raid (he’s Raid Master), I said I would lead it. Usually I’m a shy person, uncomfortable to talking to people I don’t know, especially online, but thanks to nice and friendly guildies, this feeling has dissapeared almost completely. We made a group with 7 guildies, 3 PUGs and off we went to ICC. Up to the Lich King (yeh, right).

Everything started out great. The PUG tank obviously knew what he was doing, as was the PUG mage, who also happened to be a very friendly person. I really felt in my element, being Master Looter, yelling Raid Warnings, doing rc’s…It seemed to me like I was meant to do this all along. My boyfriend is always complaining about the half hour waits in Dala looking for healers or tanks, and about the stress when a dozen people whisper you at the same time, but this actually worked very soothing for me. I was more calm and relaxed in ICC than I had ever been before. So we downed Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, The Gunship and Saurfang without a single wipe, and in less than an hour. We also downed each boss incredibly fast, since every dps had a nice and steady amount of dps.  Good job, Raid Leader. Wait. It only gets better.

We got into the Plagueworks and went to Festergut. Downed him in one try. I was happy, relieved, because usually this takes us 2-3 tries because of some people simply not getting tactics, although they are insanely easy. Then we went to Rotface, and the oozes. Now I don’t know what exactly it is with these oozes, but half the pugs and noob guildies don’t get what to do with them, although I can’t imagine how I can explain better than “When you get the debuff, run to marked OT asap, keep running around until you find another ooze and merge them into one”, or something along those lines I said in raid warning. So we started the fight, and suddenly the OT yelled someone was dpsing the oozes, which is incredibly stupid, and made us wipe in no time. We were a bit upset, explained tactics again, said no ICC raid is a real ICC raid without a single wipe or dead for that matter, and back to Rotface again. This time no one dpsed the oozes, and Rotface went down in no time. Never before have I seen his health go down at such amazing pace. All in all, I was happy. But now was Putricide, and I did have my worries about him.

Our guild only downed Putri for the first time approximately one week ago. It took us four tries to get tacts right, which is ridiculous when looking back on it. First try, we didn’t kill the red ooze fast enough. Second try, OT died before last phase, causing a huge wipe in the process as Putri regained tons of health. Third try, MT pulled Putri to the wrong side, and floor around him was green, and we only realised too late we should have pulled him to the other side. Fourth try, SUCCESS. This week, under my command, however, we downed Putri in one single try. To be honest, the 7 guildies that came along all had been at the Putri fight one week ago, the OT obviously knew what he was doing and the mage was just plain awesome. So we downed the mean professor and went to Dreamwalker.

Now everyone knows DW is an easy fight. Basically it’s just spam heal while tanks control the mobs, and dps kill all adds asap. However, we had two priest healers, one paladin healer, and everything just went wrong. We would have made it the first time, but suddenly the priest who was healing the dragon yelled “oom” and we all knew what time it was. Apparently he had forgotten to take the portals…Second time, the pala healer messed up, third time I have no clue what went wrong, fourth time our OT left saying “healing sucks”, and fifth time we gave up. We disbanded, and I rescheduled for the day after.

The next day, we took a guildie shaman rather than the PUG pala healer, to do the Dreamwalker fight. We succeeded in one single try, which made us all gasp with relief. Next up, we went to the Crimson Hall, with plans of downing the Blood Council (first time ever for me, and most of my guildies) in about five tries. Yeah, right. *sarcasm*

My lock was initially going to be the caster tank for Keleseth, however I had about 1978 ms – insane lag, that means – so I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep aggro. We chose a guildie druid to do the job, and the other tanks were on the other two brothers. We didn’t last very long. Didn’t even get them halfway their health. Everytime we tried, someone screwed up. Dps was low, the druid tank couldn’t manage aggro at all, the MT got hit by Keleseth several time causing him to die almost instantly, etc. After a couple of wipes, we chose a DK with offspec tanking to take Keleseth. We wiped again, although we lasted a bit longer. Then our MT tried to take Keleseth, while the OT took Valandar and the DK took the last one. We lasted to approximately 30%, until we wiped again by lack of healing this time. We gave up – in reality, I had to go to meet some friends, so I didn’t have any more time – and rescheduled for monday. I ordered every one to read tacts. Hopefully that will help.

All in all, I enjoy being a raid leader. It’s nice giving warnings, giving loot, and imagining people actually listen to you. Next week when we have an ICC run, I’ll ask to be raid leader again, simply because I like it. Especially when everything goes well, which is normal, I guess. If anyone has any tips on how to defeat the Blood Council, let me know. ;P


4 Responses to “I was born to be an ICC raid leader.”

  1. Hey, gratz on what you did achieve and very well done to the RL… I’ve never done it but hoping when Cata is out and we start raiding as a guild then I guess I will be.

    I would love to offer some advice but unfortunately, my main which is now my Paladin, and a G/S for nearly 5900 can’t get into ICC as I have no damn achievement.

    It’s really annoying actually as usually in VOA/TOC 25 etc i’m in the top 3 dmg/dps and would love to get in there but now on our realm they want min 11/12 so I’m screwed.

    Good to see you posting again 😉

    • Hello! My advise is to join a guild that runs ICC regularly. In our guild, we simply assume all members have achivs at least for the first 4 bosses, so we never really check it if they have high enough gs (might not be a smart move, but still :P). If you read the tacts carefully, no one should notice that you’ve never done it before. 😛 Hopefully you can get into ICC soon!

  2. Good to see someone daring to step into the shoes of a raid leader, it’s not an easy task and it sure takes “balls”. 🙂

    Here are some tips:
    1. Know the tactics for every encounter in and out, from every roles perspective. Make notes and have them ready. But make sure to use as few words as possible when explaining them, a lot of people just immediately phase out when there’s words on the screen (hello puggers!)

    2. Know every class/role’s strengths. Not every tank is a good choice for tanking Keleseth, for example, druid is a bad choice due to very few ranged abilities that generate threat. Making it impossible for the druid to keep up with threat. The tank with best ranged threat generation is a DK, who can just dance around the entire room while keeping up threat with no problems.
    And not every healer is good for healing Valithria Dreamwalker, if your priest was Disciple for example then he or she would have no chance of ever healing it up.

    3. Use assistants. Have someone else do the masterlooting, or managing the trash pulls. To ensure that there’s as little downtime during the raid as possible. This keeps the raiders alert and interested.

    4. Stay positive! You will wipe from time to time, it’s inevitable, we all do! Just go back in and try to pinpoint the problem and then try again. Try to keep the spirit of the raid high with positive reaffirmations such as “we can do it guys, just focus and we’ll have this baby down!”.

    5. Notice failures, but don’t publicly humiliate the offenders. People will fail, you will fail, I will fail. It’ll happen, probably more often than you’d like. But one thing I’ve noticed is that shouting at them in raid warnings or on vent won’t help improving them at all. Instead, send them a whisper. No one likes being told they suck in front of everybody.

    I hope I didn’t get too long-winded. 🙂


    • Thank you for all the helpful tips! I had no idea that a druid was a bad choice for tanking Keleseth. When we try again on monday, I’ll let a DK tank him. That might help us a bit with the encounter! Also, all your other tips are very helpful! Thanks.

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