Loremaster Achievement Progress #1 (Eastern Kingdoms and Outland)


As you may or may not know, I would like to have the Loremaster achievement before the release of the new expansion, Cataclysm. I made up my mind about this approximately two months ago, half-way through september, and although it seemed almost impossible to get at that time, I was pretty determined to get the achievement anyway. I’m well aware of the fact going for Loremaster will be significantly easier in the new expansion (the old world will be divided into different zones, much like Outland and Northrend, rather than one achievement for an entire continent), but I wanted to give it a try anyway – probably because I am crazy and belong in an asylum, or because I am utterly addicted to Feats of Strength. So, half-way september I came to the conclusion that the Loremaster title was going to be mine, and while I quested in Azeroth, I would go for a little exploration too – multitasking, in other words – and earn that fancy title “The Explorer” too. But as we all know, things like that are easier said than done, and the way towards Loremaster is difficult, tiresome and very, very long.

I began my epic journey with about 200 quests done in the Eastern Kingdoms, 300 in Kalimdor, 3 zones completed in Outland (Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand and Zangarmarsh) and the Loremaster of Northrend achievement, so I was about half-way (not really :p). First of all, I installed an add-on called EveryQuest, which was extremely helpful in the Eastern Kingdoms, to have a clue of which quests I missed. To keep things simple, I started at the top (Eversong Woods, Quel’Dalas, Ghostlands) and made my way down to the bottom, occasionally exploring Alliance-only zones. I could call myself lucky if I managed to do thirty quests or so a day, and even that would require countless hours of my time. It’s safe to say that questing in the Eastern Kingdoms was a lot more difficult than in Outland, especially when half of the quests didn’t even count, or counted towards Kalimdor. I think that of all the zones in the Eastern Kingdoms, I spent most of my time in the Eastern Plaguelands – combining questing and grinding reputation for the Argent Dawn – and Stranglethorn Vale. Numberous hours, head aches and anger tantrums later (you have to admit nothing is more annoying than one item that simply won’t drop), I left the Eastern Kingdoms with two very nice achievements.

After finishing the achievement in the Eastern Kingdoms, I took a couple of days off to get back on track with university assignments, and simply because I was fed up with questing all the time. Rather than going to Kalimdor, I decided to do Outland first, mainly because Outland is more ease-mode than Kalimdor, and because I needed gold, which Outland would kindly provide me, whereas questing in Kalimdor only gives you a couple of silver per quest. So I took my flying mount, voidwalker and empty bags and travelled through the Dark Portal. Since only three zones where done, I had a lot of options where I would go to first, but being the boring person I am, I decided to begin at the top again (Netherstorm, Blade Edge’s Mountains) and travel all the way to the bottom (Terrokar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley). It took me about a week of somewhat avid questing to complete the Loremaster of Outland achievement, which makes it about ten times easier than the achievement in the old world zones. Since I love multitasking, not only did I get one fancy achievement, but I got two instead.

So now I’m done with ease-mode Outland, I’m going to take another couple of days off (till monday, I presume), and then try to do the remaining quests in Kalimdor. I have 442 quests done there now (thank god some quests in the Eastern Kingdoms counted towards Kalimdor, or I’d still be stuck on 300) which means about 240 to go. I have no doubts that Kalimdor will be just as difficult as the Eastern Kingdoms, if not more difficult and time-consuming, with the constant travelling from area to area. >.< But, it’s one last continent and that fancy title is mine, so I’m motivated enough to achieve this. When I have the Loremaster achievement, it’s party-time, people. Wish me good luck! 🙂

One Response to “Loremaster Achievement Progress #1 (Eastern Kingdoms and Outland)”

  1. Go you eh!!!!

    I’ve gone to do this a few times and then realised just how big a task it is and not bothered. I know it’s something I want but just don’t have the motivation to do it.

    I did get the ‘explorer’ title last week on my pally which was great as it’s the first time I’ve actually decided to do this so with Cata so close maybe, just maybe I should take some time and at least try and get it but if I do, it will be my Pally so I’ll have to have a look and see just how much is involved.

    My gut feeling is – too much!

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