Meet Nefaryaen: A Blood Elf Warrior


I love Belfs, or Blood Elfs, for the less WoW-savvy. Somehow I suspect it has something to do with me being a girl and all, and thus liking pretty things. You can’t exactly say there’s one Horde-race that’s even remotely pretty, except for the aforementioned belfs. Not the males, though, they look rather girl, but the belf girls have everything going for them: slim, athletic, and did I mention they don’t look like giant cows, trolls or the reincarnation of Shrek? So everytime when I go into that ‘create a character’ tab, a supreme force draws me to the belfs, a force so powerful it is nearly divine, or could be described as a feeling of overwhelming disgust towards the other Horde races. I’m sorry guys, but you’re not actually appealing to the eye. Yesterday, with the release of the new and magnificent patch (ORGRIMMAR, OMG.) some guildies mentioned you could already create several new race/class combinations, like undead hunters, troll druids (blue kittieeees) AND last but not least: belf warriors.

Now I know what you all think: why would a girl ever want to play a warrior? Beats me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for anything that can dual wield two two-handers. Maybe it just reminds me of good old Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or maybe it’s some new sort of feminist rebellion (“I canz be warr too!”), and like it’s not funny enough to see belf males trying to wield those gigantic swords, which do look better on an orc, I have to admit, it’s even more hilarious to see a belf female try to do it. Not that mine has any impressive swords already. She actually still looks sort-of ridiculous, in her low level, highly-revealing gear. Although I’m quite proud of myself: after about three hours of playing, I’ve done all the quest in Eversong Woods (about 70) and my newly made warrior is level 14. One more trip into the Ghostlands and she’s ready for dungeon time. Although I personally prefer quest levelling.

When I made my warrior, I had trouble finding a suitable name. My boyfriend then mentioned he would make a belf warr too, so we could level together, like in the good old days (<3) and he would name his warrior Nefaryon. All remarks towards Deathwing’s son Nefarian (is it really his son? some guildie mentioned it, but I’m too lazy to take a look at the official lore) aside, I really liked the name. In the spirit of love and inspiration-less evenings, I decided to give my warrior the female version of the name. The result was Nefaryaen. I like the name, it fits with the other names of my characters, and it has this nice ring to it. Plus, my boyfriend loves me for picking matching names, which is always a bonus. 😛 I’m going Fury until I’m level 40-something (dual spec, how I love thee) and then adding a Protection spec for tanking purposes. I wanted to tank the lowbie dungeons, since I’ve never done that before, but my boyfriend was being an idiot (not exactly, he said I could choose what I wanted, but in a non-caring mood I said he could choose first, unfortunately he chose the spec I wanted, and now I’m blaming him because I’m evil like that), so now I’m stuck with a DPSspsec until level 40. Oh well, guess that’s WoW for you. 🙂

If you’re wondering what exactly my plans are with Nefaryaen, here’s your answer: I don’t know. It’s fun and relaxing to leave those end-game ICC heroics, and go back to where I started it all, in the beauty that is Eversong Woods. I know most of the quests there by here, so they’re easy, quick, and chill. Also, the fact my boyfriend and I are playing together without shouting at each other (MORE DPS! / TAUNT IT, FFS!) is a nice bonus too. But I don’t know if I really want to level her to level 80 (or 85 come Cataclysm) or if I just want to keep her around to do relaxing stuff for once, when I’m bored with my other characters. I guess we’ll see.

On a sidenote, the low level areas of Eversong Woods were FILLED with warriors yesterday, and I suspect other starter areas were crowded with the new race/class combos too. It’s just craaaazy. Fun, but crazy. So, did any of you make an undead hunter, or a belf warrior, or any of the new possibilities? And how did you like the changes in Orgrimmar? I got lost several times, and I HATE the portals dissapearing, but I love the other changes. WoW has become a lot more interesting again.

One Response to “Meet Nefaryaen: A Blood Elf Warrior”

  1. Hi Nefaryaen

    My very irst char was an orc warrior, git him to lvl 43 and deleted him as couldn’t get on with it but maybe now we can have a b’elf warrior I may just give them another go. Love then name b.t.w.

    I also have boa gear so it will make me IMBA 😉

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