WoW November Round-up: Adventures in Azeroth


I thought it was a good idea to post a monthly round-up of things that have been going on in World of Warcraft, the progress my characters have made, and what my plans are for the future (if any). November was a bit of an odd month for me, since I was mostly busy with university stuff and somehow halfway through november realised my social life was going straight downhill, and I needed to get it back. Also, the new patch was released, which turned Orgrimmar upside down, made the lowbie questlines A LOT more interesting, and released some great new class/race combinations. Anyway, here’s a resumé of my adventures in Azeroth for the past month.


No surprise here, but I spent countless hours on my warlock trying to get the Loremaster achievement before the release of Cataclysm, only to find out the achievement has already changed in the latest patch, and I’ve gone down about 300 quests in Kalimdor. It feels a bit like starting from scratch again, but well, at least I kept the achievement in the Eastern Kingdoms, which makes it a whole less worse. It’s much easier to be Loremaster now, with the zone specific quests they added. To get out of the sadness and depression that overwhelmed me once I realised I lost 300 quests, I decided to do a quick questie achievement: Silithus Quests. Now I’m back working my way from the bottom to the top in Kalimdor. But fear not, I will succeed.

To be honest, the last few weeks of november, I sort of ignored the warlock, and focused more on levelling my newbies, so I never really got further than Sindragosa and The Blood Queen (so no Lich King for me, meh), mainly because I didn’t go to ICC every week. There were some guild troubles too, regarding the ICC issue. Our guild is fairly large with 100+ members, but only about 15 are on when it’s raiding time, which means we never get to go to ICC25. Now I have no trouble with ICC10 whatsoever, except for the fact that one of the raid masters always wants me to bring my warlock, whereas I would like to bring my Death Knight for once. On my warlock, with high-end raiding gear and really no use in ICC prePutricide, it always feels like I’m carrying the other members of the guild. I do 10k dps, whereas the follow up will probably do around 6k, or even less. Of course when my dps drops away, and we end up with my Death Knight’s dps, who does about 5-6k (still more than half of the guild members with way better gear) ofcourse we can’t keep up against some bosses. But it’s simply not fair that my warlock has to come every single time only to “carry” other guildies through ICC. I’ve been doing that since september and it’s fine, but I’d like my alt to be “carried” through ICC too then, once in a while. Anyway, /rant. Now you now why my ICC activity has been nihil, and lets not get into that furthermore.


When I got angry with the guild not wanting to take me, my boyfriend and I pugged an ICC run. My DK did about 5-6k dps first time in ICC, with 4.8k gs, which I think is quite good. We downed every boss in one try, and unfortunately most people had to go when we were at Putricide. It’s amazing how sometimes PUGs can go better than guild runs. 😦 I haven’t done much on my DK apart from that, since I spent more time on my lowbie alts this month.


My poor priest had been stuck on level 38 for ages now, so a couple of days ago I decided to level her. It’s actually fun running dungeons as a healer, a role I have never taken up before and does fit me well. Dire Maul was gorgeous, like an old roman ruin or something, and Stratholme really is a lot more interestingly build nowadays. Unfortunately during the last run the tank really, really sucked, and then blamed me for not being able to heal him when he runs into 10 mobs at once, then when I have a MB and clearly tell him, decides to run into another 10 mobs. This sort of ruined the fun for me, but nevertheless I loved healing. I would love to get my priest to level 50 before the release of Cataclysm, but that will be difficult. She’s level 45 now, dual-specced for Holy and Shadow (which only costs 10g!) and ready for action.


As I already mentioned earlier on this month, I made a blood elf warrior named Nefaryaen. I level her mostly by questing, and the occasional dungeon once in a while. It’s going really smooth, smoother than I remember on my lock. The newly changed quest areas are great, especially Hillsbrad Foothills and Western Plaguelands, with new quests, easier quest-completion stuff (you don’t have to walk back to the questgiver every time), more interaction with questgivers (like one of them actually flies you to an island on his dragon, etc.) and all in all, questing is much quicker and more enjoyable. My warrior is now level 40 (in under a week, I’m simply amazing) and I hope to get her to level 50 before the release of Cataclysm. Wish me luck!

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