First week into Cataclysm: Progress, goals, thoughts and comments #1


I was bit uninspired for a title for this post, so I decided to go for a simple, descriptive title. This post might be a bit confusing, as it well focus on a lot of things, and hop from one topic to another. Since this post will simply get too long if I want to include everything, I’ll only focus on my progress in this post. Goals, thoughts and comments will be in next post.

As I already mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend and I went to the night opening of a local games’ store to buy Cataclysm. By the time we got back home, and installed the game – install was really fast, probably because we only had to download an additional 130MB – and tried to login, it failed. The reason for this is probably the fact too many people were trying to log in and once, and although our server Boulderfist EU is somewhat underpopulated, especially on the Alliance side, I guess the servers had trouble holding it anyway. It was around 01 o’clock in the morning when we finally got to login. My warlock was already stationed in Orgrimmar, ready for the big old levelling adventure, and as soon as I logged in, I received a quest. Did the quest, looked in some watery vision thing, then got the Warchief’s Command: Vashjir. The reason I went for Vashjir rather than Mount Hyjal is simple. I wanted something different from what I’m used to, and I wanted the seahore. Badly. Bad enough to spend 4 hours in water, although usually swimming is my most hated thing in WoW. However, in Vashjir swimming is relatively fast and easy, especially when you have the seahorse, so it didn’t annoy me this time. During the first couple of quests, a lot of people were doing the same quests at the same time. This usually was no issue, with the quick mob respawn time and all, but for one particular quest, Buy Us Some Time, we had to kill 8 Zin’jatar Raiders. I can tell you one thing about these guys: there aren’t very many of them, and when they did appear, it was a race against ten other players to get to them first. Hell on earth, so to speak. We literally spent an hour trying to kill 8 lousy raiders, which I saying something. Thank god the other quests went faster, and by the time we got past Kelp’thar Forest, the amount of people online and on the same quest as we were was significantly lower.

I liked Vashj’ir, and levelling went actually faster than I had anticipated. The concept of an underwater world is new, innovative, and fun, although sometimes easier to get lost in than a normal zone (but then again, I get lost very easily). I loved the questline that turned you into a Naga Battlemaiden, and made you see visions of the past. Also, got an achievement for that: Visions of Vashj’ir Past. It took us about 3 hours to reach level 81, that is included the hour we spent on one single quest. Although that was relatively fast, the amount of xp needed did nearly double from level 81 to 82, so we decided to give it a rest, dive into bed, and continue in the morning. The sleep, although only three hours of sleep, was much needed, even though we had supplies like Red Bull, tons of coffee, chocolate, and a huge amount of snacks.

At around 8 o’clock in the morning we were back to levelling. Fighting more naga, entering a giant monster-like creature, and finally going on a trip with Captain Jewels Verne. 116 quests into Vashj’ir, it was time to move on to another quest zone, being level 82 and all. My boyfriend wanted to continue in Vashj’ir to get the achievement, but I persuaded him by saying I wanted to be the guild’s first warlock on level 85, and he could be the guild’s first level 85 paladin. He wasn’t completely happy with the decision, but followed my plan anyway. Back to Orgrimmar we went, where I discovered there was now a portal to Vashj’ir (apparently it only appears when you ‘unlock’ the zone), and was ofcourse quite happy with that, seeing as tons of people had already complained about how to get in and out of Vashj’ir. We got the Warchief’s Command: Deepholm! quest, and hurried our new level 82’s ass to the new quest zone.

Now I have to say, levelling from 80 to 82 was relatively easy, took about three hours per level, but things got more difficult at level 82. I am not particularly fond of Deepholm. I found it unoriginal, boring, and the quests were much too predictable and generic. I liked the general idea of finding fragments of the World Tree, but that was it. I don’t know, maybe I missed out on some epic, world-changing lore thing or something, but I didn’t find it all that awesome. However, not that many people around, so questing went a lot faster. To be honest, I hardly remember anything about Deepholm, so it must have been boring considering it was only two days ago. All I remember is kill, loot, kill, loot, save prisoners, kill. That, and the battle at the end, where I got to solo-kill High Priestess what’s her name, and my boyfriend ran off with the credit. >.< Close call that one, but I’m an epic warlock for a reason. It was only at level 82 I began replacing some of my epics with improved blue gear. Eventually we levelled, with 116 of the 125 quests done, so a close one. To be honest, we didn’t find any other quests in Deepholm at first glance – except dailies, tons of dailies – so that’s the only reason why we didn’t just finish the remaining nine quests.

With our bright and shiny new level 83, and the entrance to The Stonecore found, we queued for a dungeon. We got three 100k xp quests, which is always a nice bonus, an additional healer and two dps, and set off into The Stonecore. Before the release of Cataclysm, my boyfriend had been continuously whining about how I (yes, I, he always think I’m just another stupid dps or something) would have to learn tactics in the new dungeons because they’d be extremely difficult and we’d all wipe a bazillion times. I can’t really speak for the level 85 dungeons, but this certainly wasn’t the case in The Stonecore. I only died once, because I didn’t figure out in time that when the giant guards do a certain attack that makes the ground shake, you have to jump. The mage died too, so no worries. 😛 Apart from that, we didn’t have one single wipe and finished the dungeon well enough. Sure, there were some tactics involved, but after playing Wow for a while, you just know it’s not a good idea to stand in fire, laser beams, or anything that looks more dangerous than a fluff bunny. I don’t know about the other dungeons – heroics might be drop dead difficult, for all I know – but The Stonecore is fairly easy to do, and we got about 500k xp when we were done, which is a nice bonus (300k from quests, 100k from mobs and bosses, 100k from random dungeon). It was nice start into level 83 too, because it would turn out, going from level 83 to 84 isn’t all that easy after all. Really, not easy at all.

We went back to Orgrimmar, got a couple of quests (maybe only one, don’t remember really) and took the flightpath to Tanaris. Then we escorted the caravan inside Uldum, which was quite impressive. Uldum, contrary to Deepholm, did charm me. I liked the giant, pyramid-and-ancient-Egypt-like buildings, the tiger people, the statues, tunnels, secret chambers, wars, everything. It felt like I was back into Ancient Egypt and since that’s always been one of my favourite eras, I was very pleased. Questing in Uldum was a bit more challenging to be honest. The mobs had more HP, which wasn’t really the issue since my warlock is epic enough to deal with that, but for some reason questing went a lot slower than in the other areas. We also found the entrance to The Lost City of the Tol’vir and Vortex Pinnacle, but we didn’t do the dungeons. On the one hand, because our gear was too low in level for the first, and because I didn’t feel like doing the second. Eventually we finished 78 quests in Uldum before we levelled, which is 30 shorts to get the achievement, and a much lower number than I had thought at first glance. However, it took us about six, the dungeon included, which is about double the amount of time we spent in the other quest areas. That’s what you get when you need 5 million xp…

There was no follow-up quest leading us back to Orgrimmar at level 84, so we just flew back to Tanaris, and then took the flightpath. In Orgrimmar we got a quest from the big old Warchief himself, and from some people standing around him. Before we could dive into the Twilight Highlands, the final questing zones, there were about 10 quests in Orgrimmar first, which I thought was a nice switch from things. The quests were also fun and original, like checking out vehicles whether they work or not, kill someone who’s been double-crossing Thrall, etc. Fun, fun. Then we got transported to the Twilight Highlands, where once again we were faced by the kill, save, loot system, but the environment was fun, so all was good. There was one particular series of quests, were we got continuously attacked – but I mean, all the time, and I don’t even think that was the purpose of said quest – by Warhammer Raiders, which was just plain annoying, and we wasted a lot of our time there. We had to gather food, but couldn’t because some Warhammer fellow was hitting us with an axe, sword, or worse. Pretty damn annoying.

Apart from that there were some cool questlines in the Twilight Highlands, like the one with the tentacles and the epic battle between the dragon mother and our hated Deathwing. Needless to say, the latter one, because he’s epic like that, and well it’s sort of the purpose for us to defeat him rather than have him killed off right away by some dragon lady. I finished all quests in the Twilight Highlands, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to level, and I’m stuck on 80%. But no worries, lovely people, there is still a thing called dungeons, I’m eligible for all, have found entrance to all, and I’m ready to kill stuff. Unfortunately my friendly neighborhood tank had work this afternoon, so I won’t be able to do anything until later on this evening. Gah. But I’ll keep you tuned on how they went. Planned: Grim Batol, The Lost City of Tor’vir and the Halls of Origination. Wish me good luck.

Now, since I’ve told you practically all there is to know about my levelling process, I would also like to tell you my opinion about Cataclysm, some of the new features, etc. But this post is already getting quite too long, so I’ll keep that for another time. 😛
Also, I’ll inform you when I’ve hit the big 85. Hopefully soon.


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  1. 1 Jonas

    Cool, informative, fun and it captures the reader. Awesome writing. Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

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