So I’m back to playing WoW


After disappearing from the WoW scene for a long time – my last post here dating back to 2010 (heck, where has the time gone?) I got back into WoWing. To be honest, I gave it a shot for a few months after the Pandaria expansion was released. Then I got bored again, quit, and now, after the news about Lords of Draedmor, I’m back. For how long? Who knows at this point.

As you can guess, most of the guides I wrote in the past, are now outdated. I might update them in the future, if I find the time.

My Warlock is still Destro, although her secondary spec is now Demonology, which I haven’t mastered at all, nor have I given it an honest shot. She’s level 90, has an average item level of 503 which is not too bad considering I don’t really raid anymore. You can find her profile on the armory here.

I know I still have to enchant the items, and buy gems for most the gear sockets. I’m lazy like that.

I’ve been mostly doing some easy achievements on my main, and have 10730 achievement points now. At least it’s over 9000. I also levelled her professions, tailoring and enchanting, to the maximum.

As for my other characters, my DK is stuck at level 87. I’m levelling this one with a friend, and it’s been a slow grind waiting until we both have time. I did manage to bring my priest to level 90. At the moment, I’m trying to gear up my priest, and levelling her professions.

Then there’s a bunch of lowbie characters in various stages of being levelled: a paladin at level 66, a warrior at level 50, a mage at level 17, a level 5 monk and a level 1 rogue and hunter. The rogue used to be my bank alt, but I’m thinking about levelling her either way. Who needs bank alts nowadays?

I’ll try to update this blog once a week, but I’ll make no promises. Because I’m a nice person, I’ll try to update the guides as well, but that’ll take some time. Life has been super-duper busy.


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