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I feel like killing someone. Anyone. So yesterday all is fine and nice, then today my account gets hacked 😦 They stole several pieces of my armor, but not all of it. I don’t have any words for whoever has done this except for the fact that he/she is an idiotic dickhead who should be […]

To bring my productivity to the next level, I decided to write down some goals I’d wish to achieve this week in regardance to my gaming habits: Explore and quest in Swamp of Sorrows (all low-level quests I can find) in World of Warcraft Run the Sunken Temple Dungeon in Swamp of Sorrows. Do a […]

I got the Mysteries of the Marsh Achievement, for doing a bazillion quests in Zangarmarsh. I got the award some time ago, during examens, but I didn’t really have time to post then. So, here’s your proof. 😛

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