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It’s that time of the year again! Put your favorite costume on – whether that be a ghost, bat, ninja, or something along those lines – and scare the hell out of your fellow players, stop the fires and protect innocent orphans, go all “Trick or Treat!” on every Innkeeper you come across, give the […]

Something’s in the air tonight, and it’s not love or other cheesy stuff. It’s the event of the year, starting earlier than expected for most of us, leaving us wanting more. No it’s not the elections, the Superbowl or the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie; it’s Cataclysm. Last wednesday patch 4.0.1 was released […]

Up to date with 3.3.5. Most epic gear items are equipped with one or more gem slots. A gem is generally an item that can be placed into a socket of another item to give that item additional bonuses, powers and/or procs. The downside of gems is that they cannot be removed once they are […]

Short post, but yes you read it well: My first guide is up. It’s the Death Knight guide I was talking about ealier. Nothing else happened really as I was a bit busy with this mighty long guide and homework. Expect the next long post in a day or two. Read the guide. If you […]