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After disappearing from the WoW scene for a long time – my last post here dating back to 2010 (heck, where has the time gone?) I got back into WoWing. To be honest, I gave it a shot for a few months after the Pandaria expansion was released. Then I got bored again, quit, and […]

A quick update


I’m sorry I hardly posted as of late, I have been very busy with university assignments and studying for some classes. Now it’s the Christmas holidays and yet again I find myself studying. A student’s life is hard. 😦 My warlock is level 85, and has been for a couple of weeks now, actually three […]

The last couple of days I’ve been working on levelling my Death Knight.  You might remember that I used Myrith as main character in a DK Guide I recently wrote and I left her off at level 58. It’s particularly easy to level an alt of level 58 when you have a couple of level […]

Nowadays everyone who is anyone has a Death Knight. They are a hero class for a reason. Now although most people claim that Death Knights’ talent trees are broken, they pull aggro when they shouldn’t and they have the IQ of a baboon, I still like playing a Death Knight. Some people might remember that […]