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After disappearing from the WoW scene for a long time – my last post here dating back to 2010 (heck, where has the time gone?) I got back into WoWing. To be honest, I gave it a shot for a few months after the Pandaria expansion was released. Then I got bored again, quit, and […]

I thought it was a good idea to post a monthly round-up of things that have been going on in World of Warcraft, the progress my characters have made, and what my plans are for the future (if any). November was a bit of an odd month for me, since I was mostly busy with […]

I love Belfs, or Blood Elfs, for the less WoW-savvy. Somehow I suspect it has something to do with me being a girl and all, and thus liking pretty things. You can’t exactly say there’s one Horde-race that’s even remotely pretty, except for the aforementioned belfs. Not the males, though, they look rather girl, but […]