Gaming Goals

Below is a list of my short-term and long-term gaming goals I hope to accomplish someday.

World of Warcraft

  1. Get the 2000 Quests Completed Achievement on my main, Asarhia.
  2. Become Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, Loremaster of Kalimdor, Loremaster of Outland and Loremaster of Northrend on my main: in other words, simply get The Loremaster Achievement (like it’s so freaking simple…:P)
  3. Equip an epic item in every slot with a minimum level of 213.
  4. Get a full PvP Gear set for my main, probably the Wrathful Gladiator’s Felshroud Item Set.
  5. Get a full PvE Gear set for my main, probably the Dark Coven’s Regalia Item Set.
  6. Level my Death Knight, Myrith to level 80.
  7. Obtain the Deathcharger’s Reins (very rare drop item) from Baron Rivendare in Stratholme, preferably with my main.
  8. Get dual spec for my priest: shadow (current spec) and holy (for healing purposes).
  9. Level my priest, Ryvenscryr to level 80.
  10. Get two PvE gear outfits for my priest: preferabloy the Sanctified Crimson Acolyte’s Regalia when in shadow spec and the Sanctified Crimson Acolyte’s Raiment when in holy spec.
  11. Get a set of PvP gear for Ryvenscryr.
  12. Write a guide for the beginning Death Knight quest line.
  13. Get maximum on both my professions for my warlock (Asarhia): 460 for enchanting and 450 for tailoring. Get the Working Day and Night Achievement.
  14. Get the best possible enchants and gems on my gear on all my level 80 characters.
  15. Write a tailoring 0-450 guide.
  16. Write an enchanting 0-450 guide.
  17. Complete the Classic Dungeonmaster Achievement on my main, as well as the Outland Dungeonmaster Achievement.

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