The Death Knight Questline (level 55-58)


The Death Knight is the first hero class in World of Warcraft. To unlock the Death Knight class, you need to have at least one level 55+ character on any realm and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion installed. You may only have up to one Death Knight on any realm. This class starts at level 55 in Acherus: The Ebon Hold, with multiple abilities ready to use, 20 silver, and a full set of uncommon gear. Players have to follow a mandatory quest line that will get them to level 58 and prepare them for a trip to Outland.

This guide aims at players just starting the obligatory Death Knight quest line. In other words it’s basically: create your character, enter world, start guide.

Colour guide:

  • [Minimum Level] Quest Title
  • Location
  • Important NPC
  • Abilities
  • Class Skills
  • Quest Items/Important items
  • Talent Spec

Level 55 -> 56

After creating your Death Knight, you will find yourself standing in Acherus: The Ebon Hold facing the Lich King himself. He will give you the quest [55] In service of the Lich King. If you now zoom out your minimap to maximum, you will be able to see the yellow question mark walking around inside The Heart of Acherus. Go to Instructor Razuvious, turn in the quest and get the follow-up [55] The Emblazoned Runeblade.

Go for the glowing weapon rack in one of the corners of the room. They look like this:

Get a blade out and take it to one of the Runeforges. If you hover over them, they will clearly indicate “Runeforge”. Right click on the blade in your bag when you are standing near the Runeforge. This is what they look like:

Now turn in your quest with Instructor Razuvious and get the follow-up [55] Runeforging: Preparation for Battle. Go to the nearest Runeforge, open up your spellbook, and click on Runeforging. A subfield will open allowing you to choose between two possible runes: Rune of Cinderglacier and Rune of Razorice. My advice would be to go for the Rune of Cinderglacier, since that rune gives a chance to add 20% attack damage to your next two attacks that deal Frost or Shadow damage, which seems pretty good.

Go back to Instructor Razuvious and get the follow up [55] The Endless Hunger. Jump into the circle in the middle of the Heart of Acherus and free one of the Unworthy Initiates. Do this by right clicking on the skull that is keeping them locked in their chains. Once you have freed one of them, give them the time to gather their gear. Then attack and kill the prisoner.

When attacking, my advice is to first cast Icy Touch, then Plague Strike, and then Blood Strike. This way you get the most damage out of your Blood Strike.

Go back to Instructor Razuvious, turn in the quest and receive the follow-up [55] The Eye of Acherus. Simply talk to the Lich King to complete this quest. Get the new quest [55] Death comes from on High. To the left and right of the Lich King you will find a glowing Eye of Acherus Mechanism. Right click it. Now you’re in the Eye: your ability bar will be replaced by a new ability bar. For the first couple of minutes, you cannot move or control the Eye as it takes you to the village of New Avalon. Wait until the message “The Eye is now under your control” appears on your screen. Now you can move the eye up and down, left and right, etc.

First fly high enough so that the arrows of the guards cannot reach you. Use ability three to turn invisible. The first spot we’re analyzing is the New Avalon Forge. It looks like this:

Fly down and use your ability two to raise some ghouls, who will distract the guards while you use ability one inside the forge to scan the building. You may need to use ability two a couple of times. Upon using it, you will become visible again. After investigating or when you notice your health is going low, fly up again to where the guards cannot hurt you and restart.

The next building we’re analyzing is the Scarlet Hold, just next to the New Avalon Forge. Use the same strategy: become invisible with ability three, raise ghouls to distract guards, use ability one inside to scan the building.

Next up is the New Avalon Town Hall. Look at the picture below to see how it looks like. It’s on the other side of the Scarlet Hold. Apply the same strategy.

Last ,the Chapel of the Crimson Flame. Go directly to the south to find the building and then apply the same strategy. Note: sometimes, if you fly far enough into the building to areas where there are no guards, you don’t even need to raise the ghouls, but you can simply analyze.

After analyzing all four buildings in New Avalon, click ability five to take you back to Acherus: The Ebon Hold. Turn in your quest to the Lich King. You will receive the next quest, [55] The might of the Scourge. A few steps behind the Lich King, you will see a glowing pink teleporter. Use it to get to the other floor.

You will be teleported to the Hall of Command. Go northwest to Highlord Darion Mograine, turn in your quest and get the follow up [55] Report to Scourge Commander Talanor. You will upon completing the quest gain 75 % more running speed within the Ebon Hold. This comes in handy as you will often find yourself running about in here. Go out on the balcony (do NOT use the teleporter this time); you will find Scourge Commander Talanor there. Turn in your quest and get the follow up [55] The Scarlet Harvest.

!!! Run back into the Hall of Command, where you found Highlord Darion Mograine, and run past him, more to the northwest. At the end of the Hall of Command, you will find another quest: [55] The power of frost, blood and unholy. Complete the quest immediately.

Go back to the balcony and use one of the Deathchargers (on the left and right side of the balcony) to take you to Death’s Breach. Find Prince Valandar, turn in your quest, and get the follow-up: [55] If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold the Reins.

Three other quests will appear on your minimap. Get them all: [55] Grand Theft Palomino from Salazar the Horseman, [55] Death’s Challenge from Olrun the Battlecaller, and [55] Tonight we dine in Havenshire from Orithos the Sky Darkener.

Now you have collected the quests, take a look at your world map to see where you should perform them. First we are going to complete [55] Death’s Challenge. For this quest, you have to challenge 5 Death Knight Initiates. When you find one, right click on them to challenge them, duel, and repeat this five times. You can also challenge other players but this is more difficult. You can easily find some Death Knight Initiates in Death’s Breach.

When you are finished, turn in the quest to Olrun the battlecaller. You get one talent point to spend as reward. There are three talent specs a Death Knight can choose from: Blood, Unholy and Frost.

Blood enhances the death knight’s melee abilities and damages and improves the ability to heal itself. It also provides healing utility to party and raids and has some very useful buffs and debuffs that the death knight can cast on others, such as Hysteria and Mark of Blood. It is considered the tree for soloing.

Frost enhances melee abilities and focuses on increasing both AoE and single target damage. It also provides useful emergency damage mitigation abilities and is considered the tree for tanking.

Unholy enhances the death knight’s diseases and damage over time spells, making them effective at AoE DPS. It also provides the Death Knight with a ghoul as permanent pet, a gargoyle guardian they can summon, and stronger diseases.

Now it’s time to move on to Havenshire. Go south down the path leading away from Death’s Breach. Kill 10 Scarlet Crusaders (guards count as well as civilians) and 10 Havenshire Citizens, who you will find further down to the south. Don’t forget to pick up any Saronite Arrows you come across. You need at least fifteen. They look like this and they glow:

When going south, you will stumble upon an abandoned mailbox marked as quest giver. Click on it, receive the quest [55] Abandoned Mail, and complete it.

You will find the citizens of Havenshire relatively far to the south, running into the direction of the gates.  Use Death Grip to stop them from running and kill ten of them.

Now you’re done here, go back to the stables in the northeast. Beware of Stable Master Kirik, because he’s level 56 elite and if he sees you, you will have trouble to kill him. Kill the necessary guards to get to a horse. Right-click and mount on the horse and ride with it back to Death’s Breach. You can use ability two when mounted to gallop. Once you have reached Death’s Breach, turn in quest [55] Grand Theft Palomino to Salazar the Horseman.

Turn in quest [55] Tonight we dine in Havenshire to Orithos the Sky Darknener and quest [55] If Chaos Drivers, Let Suffering Hold the Reins to Prince Valanar. From both you will receive new clothing items, Valanar’s Signet Ring and a cloak, equip both of them. Also , equip the Insigna of the Scourge you have received from Salazar the Horseman.

Go back to Salazar the Horseman and get the follow-up quest [55] Into the realm of shadows.

You will now be in the realm of shadows. Look for the dark rider, just below Death’s Breach.

Kill him and mount on his horse. Ride it back to Death’s Breach. Then use ability one to call forth Salazar the Horseman. He will bring you back to the real world, then turn in quest [55] Into the realm of shadows to Salazar, and he will provide you with your very own Acherus Deathcharger. If in the future you want to ride your Deathcharger, go to your character profile, go to pets, choose mounts and click on the Acherus Deathcharger. In case you cannot complete the quest in the realm of shadows at once, go back to Salazar and choose the option: I need to go back to the realm of shadows to give it another try.

Equip the Sigil of the Dark Rider relic you receive from Salazar the Horseman.

Go back to Prince Valanar and get the quest [55] Gothik the Harvester. Go to Gothik in Death’s Breach and talk to him to complete the quest. Next you will receive the quest [55] The gift that keeps on giving from Gothik the Harvester.

Level 56 -> 57

Take a quick look at your gear to make sure you have the newest gear on.
Ring: Valandar’s Signet Ring.
Cloak: Sky Darkener’s Shroud of Blood, Sky Darkener’s Shroud of the Unholy, or Shroud of the North Wind.
Trinket: Insignia of the Scourge.
Relic: Sigil of the Dark Rider.

Don’t forget to spend your talent points in your talent spec. You should have gotten 7 talent points by now.

Go to the path north, then east and enter the Havenshire mine. Search your inventory for the Gift of the Harvester and place it on one of your action bars for easier use. Use the Gift of the Harvester on Scarlet Miners.  When you click on the Gift of the Harvester, a green circle will appear and you must click on the floor to release the gift. Every miner standing within the circle will be made into a ghoul. However, if they don’t turn into a ghoul but rather into a Scarlet Ghost, immediately kill them. The ghosts look like this:

Return the five ghouls to Gothik the Harvester. You might have to wait a couple of seconds before the mark above Gothik’s head changes into a question marek and you can turn in your quest. You will get Soul Harvester’s Charm as reward. Equip it. You will also get a new quest [55] An attack of opportunity. Don’t forget your talent points. Go to Prince Valandar and talk to him to complete the quest. You will get the quest [55] Massacre at Light’s Point.

Go back to the Havenshire and search for a glowing mine car, an Insconpicuous Mine Car. Right click it: it will bring you to a ship near the shore. The mine car looks like this:

You will face three Scarlet Cannons. Right click on them to take control of them. You will see the next action bar:

Ability one is your main ability and should be used to kill as many Scarlet Defenders as you can. To aim, hold your mouse right-click button and move your mouse. Occassionally aim at the bridge leading to the ship, to keep the Scarlet NPCs from getting to you.

Ability two is used as protection. Whenever the NPCs get close to you, click this ability.

Ability five is to get away when you’ve killed 100 Scarlet Defenders.

Once you’ve killed 100 defenders, click on ability five. A Scourge Gryphon will immediately take you away from the shore and bring you back to Prince Valandar at Death’s Breach. Turn in the quest to Prince Valandar and get the follow-up:  [55] Victory at Death’s Breach! You will receive Plated Saronite Bracers from Prince Valandar. Equip them.

Right click on any Scourge Gryphon to take you back Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

Turn in the quest to Highlord Mograine on the first floor in the Hall of Commands. Upon turning in the quest, you will receive an additional three talent points and Engraved Saronite Legplates. Equip them. Get the follow up quest [55] The Will of the Lich King!

Go to the back of the Hall of Commands, to Lord Thornval. He is a class trainer and will give you three new abilities on level 56: Death Strike, Pestilence and Raise Dead.

Raise Dead: summons a ghoul who fights beside you. He can take quite a lot of damage and does a decent amount too.

Pestilence is very useful when fighting multiple enemies. Do Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Pestilence, this will spread the disease to all enemies nearby.

Death Strike will aid your survivability. The damage you do with it heals you once for each disease on your target.

Now take one of the Scourge Gryphons on the balcony and return to Death’s Breach.

Upon your arrival, you will see that Death’s Breach has slightly changed. When you look at the yellow question mark, you will find the location of Prince Valanar (different than before). Turn in your quest [55] The Will of the lich King! You will receive the follow-up [55] The Crypt of Remembrance.

You might want to empty your bags and this point and maybe buy some Corpse Dust from the vendor so you can summon ghouls even when no corpses are around.

Mount up and ride south/southeast towards Noth the Plaguebringer. Take his quest [55] The Plaguebringer’s Request.

Go to the Crypt of Remembrance southwest of where you are, turn in [55] The Crypt of Remembrance down in the crypt, and get two new quests: [55] Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from Prince Keleseth and [55] Lambs to the Slaughter from Baron Rivendare.

Now leave the Crypt of Remembrance. Go southwest to New Avalon. Kill everything on your way, because you need to kill 10 soldiers and 15 citizens for the [55] Lambs to the Slaughter quest. Don’t forget to loot the corpses, because you also need 10 skulls.

On the map, several crucial places are indicated, such as the New Avalon Inn. Go inside, get to the basement, and there you will find an Empty Cauldron. Loot it.

Get outside the inn and make your way to the New Avalon Forge. Loot an iron chain. The New Avalon Forge is also indicated on the map.

Ride to the New Avalon Town Hall, a big building with a clock tower. Go inside, kill Mayor Quimby, and loot the New Avalon Registry.

Make sure you have killed 15 citizens, 10 soldiers, and looted 10 skulls before you leave New Avalon. When you have done so, return to the Crypt  of Remembrance and turn in [55] Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide to Prince Keleseth and [55] Lambs to the Slaughter to Baron Rivendare.

Baron Rivendare will give you Greaves of the Slaughter. Equip them. Get the follow-up quest from Prince Keleseth: [55] How to win friends and influence enemies.

Go to Noth the Plaguebringer and turn in [55] The Plaguebringer’s request. You will receive The Plaguebringer’s Girdle . Equip this item and get the follow-up quest: [55]  Noth’s Special Brew. Go the cauldron next to Noth and turn in the quest. You will get 5 special brews made by Noth which restore your health and runic power. If you have gathered more skulls, you can turn them in for more brews.

Don’t forget to spend your talent points. You will have gotten another six or so by now.

Go back to New Avalon: go to the Scarlet Hold, the biggest building. Equip the two one-handed swords you will find in the Ornately Jeweled Box in your inventory. Use them and start attacking people in the Scarlet Hold. Eventually one will crumble to your torture and tell you the truth.

Return to the Crypt of Remembrance and turn in [55] How to win friends and influence enemies. You will receive Keleseth’s Signet Ring: equip this item instead of the green-coloured ring. Get the follow-up quest: [55] Behind Scarlet Lines.

Get out of the crypt, mount, and ride to the building in the very south: the Scarlet Tavern. Go to the upper floor and turn in the quest to Orbaz Bloodbane. Get the follow-up [55] The path of the righteous Crusador from Orbaz Bloodbane. Also get the quest [55] Brothers in Death from Thassarian.

Get out of the tavern, mount and ride to the Scarlet Hold. Clear the way to the upper floor and go to the central main room. On a table you will find the New Avalon Patrol Schedule. Loot it.

Now go down to the cellar basement, where you will find Koltira Deathweaver. Turn in the quest and accept the follow-up, but be cautious.

Koltira will create an anti-magic barrier and you must fight inside of it to get as less damage from the acolytes as possible. After a minute or two, High Inquisitor Valroth will come. Pull him into the barrier using Death Grip and kill him. The follow up is called [55] Bloody breakout. Don’t forget to loot Valroth’s head when you kill him.

This quest might be a bit difficult on your own, so you could team up with another Death Knight to complete it or try it a couple of times.

Return to the Scarlet Tavern to the south and turn in [55] The bloody breakout and [55] The path of the righteous Crusader to Orbaz Bloodbane and Thassarian. You will get Saronite War Plate from Thassarian and 2 talent points. Equip the chest armor. Orbaz Bloodbane will give you Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command. Equip them too. Don’t forget your talent points. Also get the follow-up: [55] A cry for vengeance!

By now, you should have definitely reached level 57. I’m already half way to level 58.

Level 57 -> 58

Go southwest to Light’s Hope Chapel. Find Knight Commander Plaguefist and turn in the quest you just got from Orbaz Bloodbane: [55] A cry for vengeance! Get the follow-up: [55] A special surprise.

Go into the house right behind Knight Commander Plaguefist and find the NPC corresponding to your race. For blood elves, that’s Lady Eonys like you can see below. Let them talk, then kill them. It’s Iggy Darktusk for the Trolls, Kug Ironjaw for the orcs, etc.

Turn in the quest to Knight Commander Plaguefist. Get the follow up [55] A sort of homecoming. Return to the New Avalon Tavern and turn in the quest to Thalassian. You will receive [55] Ambush at the Overlook. Equip your new trinket Signet of the Dark Brotherhood instead of Insignia of the Scourge. Don’t forget your talent points.

Mount and ride east to the Scarlet Overlook. See map.

Use the Makeshift Cover in your inventory. Right click it and a scarlet courier will appear: kill him and loot everything he has. Return to the New Avalon Tavern and turn in the quest to Orbaz Bloodbane. You will get the follow-up [55] A meeting with fate.

You will now be disguised as a Scarlet Courrier. No one will recognize you unless you attack them. Go outside of the tavern, mount, and head southeast to the shore.

Find High General Abbendis and turn in the quest [55] A meeting with fate. You will receive the follow-up [55] The Scarlet Onslaught Emerges. Turn this one in to Orbaz Bloodbane at the New Avalon Tavern. He will give you the follow up quest: [55] Scarlet Enemies approach. When you accept the quest, Orbaz Bloodbane will open a portal that will teleport you back to Acherus: The Ebon Hold. When you are ready, take the portal.

You will be teleported back to the Ebon Hold. Go to Highlord Mograine on the first floor and turn in the quest. You will receive Blood-Soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders. Equip them. Take the follow-up quest: [55] The Scarlet Apocalypse from Highlord Darion Mograine.

Go to Lord Thorval in the back of the Hall of Commands to learn a couple of new skills.

Frost Presence: adds to your survivability when you are running away from things. Besides that, it’s best to stay in Blood Presence.

Mind Freeze: interrupts spells.

Go to the balcony and get a gryphon back to Death’s Breach. Talk to the Lich King. Turn in the quest [55] The Scarlet Apocalypse and receive the follow-up: [55] An end to all things.

Find Horn of the Frostbrood in your inventory and right-click it. You will climb on a Frostwyrm and have a new action bar:

Ability one is your attack. Aim by holding your right mouse button and moving the mouse.

Ability three is to restore the Wyrm’s mana. If you need this, find a lone Scarlet Defender and use it on him.

You must destroy 150 Scarlet Defenders and 10 Ballistas. The latter are a bit tricky because they fire back, just fly higher or dodge them.

When the Frostwyrm dies, you get a parachute and fall down. You get then immediately use Horn of the Frostbrood again and the wyrm will have full health and mana.

When you are done with this quest, return to the Lich King, click on the leave vehicle button and turn the quest in. You will then get the follow -up: [55] The Lich King’s Command. He will also give you the Greathelm of the Scourge Champion. Equip it.

Go to the north of Death’s Breach; you will find a tunnel there called The Noxious Pass. Go through it until you reach The Noxious Glade. Then follow the road to the west to Brownman Mill where you will find Scourge Commander Talanor on his horse. Turn the quest in and get the follow up [55] The Light of Dawn. Light’s Hope Chapel is indicated on the map with an asterix *.

Speak to Highlord Darion Mograine when you are ready. Within five minutes the battle for Light’s Hope Chapel will begin. You don’t actually have to fight but you can do so for fun. After a couple of minutes in the battle, in front of Light’s Hope Chapel, you will see a script in which it turns out that the Lich King has in fact betrayed the Death Knights. Wait until the script is over and turn in your quest to Highlord Darion Mograine. You will get to choose between the Greatsword of the Ebon Blade or the Greataxe of the Ebon Blade and you will learn how to summon a Death Gate that will take you back to Acherus, the Ebon Hold.

Take the follow-up quest [55] Taking back Acherus from Highlord Darion Mograine. Go to your spell book, pick Unholy, and right click on Death Gate to create a death gate that will take you back to the Ebon Hold. Once you have created the gate, right click it to teleport.

Turn in the quest [55] Taking back Acherus to Highlord Darion Mograine, who will be standing in front of you. Get the follow-up quest [55] The Battle for the Ebon Hold. Don’t forget your talent points. Also, equip the axe/blade you got two quests ago.

Use the pink teleporter to go down one floor. There you will find a couple of Death Knights waiting to help you kill ten scourge and Patchwerk, the giant scourge in the middle pit of the room. First get the ten scourge, try to get them one by one or maximum three at a time. Run towards them, use Death Grip or Icy Touch to get their attention (not too close) and run back to your fellow Death Knights. Repeat this until you have killed ten scourge.

Then go for Patchwerk. Run towards the pit to lure him out: you can’t attack him yet at this point. Run back to the other Death Knights and fight him off in team. Make sure you don’t attract too many other scourge whilst fighting him, because then things can get tricky.

Once you have killed Patchwerk, take the pink teleporter back to the upper floor. Go to Highlord Darion Mograine and turn in the quest. You will get the follow-up quest [55] Warchief’s Blessing. For this quest you must take a portal and deliver a letter to Thrall in Orgrimmar.

By now you should be level 58.

Level 58

My advice is to first go to your trainer again, this time that’s Highlord Darion Mograine. You will earn two skills: Blood Boil and Chains of Ice.

Blood boil is the same as blood strike but can attack multiple enemies.

Chains of ice prevents enemies from running away.

Also, if you want to runeforge your new blade or axe, now is the time to do it. Take the pink teleporter one level down to the Runeforges and choose whatever rune you want to put on your weapon. My advice is to once again forge the Rune of Cinderglacier, but that’s up to you really.

When you’re done and have put your talent points in, take the portal behind Highlord Darion Mograine on the left and teleport to Orgrimmar. You will appear right in front of the gates. Mount and go into the Valley of Wisdom and find Thrall.

Don’t be startled if people are throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at you. It won’t hurt you, but it shows that they don’t really like you.

Turn in the quest [55] Warchief’s Blessing to Thrall. This will make you friendly with Orgrimmar and will make people stop throwing things at you.

By now, you should have equipped:
Greathelm of the Scourge Champion
Bladed Ebon Amulet
Saronite War Plate
Plated Saronite bracers

Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command
The Plaguebringer’s Girdle

Engraved Saronite Legplates
Greaves of the Slaughter
Valanar’s Signet Ring

Keleseth’s Signet Ring
Signet of the Dark Brotherhood
Soul Harvester’s Charm
Sigil of the Dark Rider

Greatsword of the Ebon Blade or Greataxe of the Ebon Blade
Shroud of the North Wind, Sky Darkener’s Shroud of Blood or Sky Darkener’s Shroud of the Unholy
This is a full set of rare gear ready to take you to Outland.

You should have spent 49 talent points.

This is the end of the Death Knight questline and thus the end of this guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

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  1. 1 Shae

    way to many name errors, talanor, is thalanor, valandar, valanar, and so on, you put all quest levels at 55, scale them between 55-58, and the thing with the eye of Acherus, you can go high enough to scan the buildings and never have to use ghouls because the guards arrows will be out of range, the scan has a larger radius than you think k?

  2. 2 Shae

    oh almost forgot, this isn’t anything wrong with the guide, just something that may be useful, you can loot the arrows more than once, ive noticed a maximum of 3 times you can loot an arrow, but thats very rare, 2 is more common

  3. 3 kurt

    thx that really helped

  4. 4 bob

    I decided to make a death knight as soon as I started playing this game which was 5 days ago. Your guide has convice me 2 do so. I am very impressed wit this guide

  5. Thank you so much, it helped a lot!

  6. oh and, at the end you left out the Blood-soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders from the listing 🙂

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