I love Belfs, or Blood Elfs, for the less WoW-savvy. Somehow I suspect it has something to do with me being a girl and all, and thus liking pretty things. You can’t exactly say there’s one Horde-race that’s even remotely pretty, except for the aforementioned belfs. Not the males, though, they look rather girl, but the belf girls have everything going for them: slim, athletic, and did I mention they don’t look like giant cows, trolls or the reincarnation of Shrek? So everytime when I go into that ‘create a character’ tab, a supreme force draws me to the belfs, a force so powerful it is nearly divine, or could be described as a feeling of overwhelming disgust towards the other Horde races. I’m sorry guys, but you’re not actually appealing to the eye. Yesterday, with the release of the new and magnificent patch (ORGRIMMAR, OMG.) some guildies mentioned you could already create several new race/class combinations, like undead hunters, troll druids (blue kittieeees) AND last but not least: belf warriors.

Now I know what you all think: why would a girl ever want to play a warrior? Beats me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for anything that can dual wield two two-handers. Maybe it just reminds me of good old Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or maybe it’s some new sort of feminist rebellion (“I canz be warr too!”), and like it’s not funny enough to see belf males trying to wield those gigantic swords, which do look better on an orc, I have to admit, it’s even more hilarious to see a belf female try to do it. Not that mine has any impressive swords already. She actually still looks sort-of ridiculous, in her low level, highly-revealing gear. Although I’m quite proud of myself: after about three hours of playing, I’ve done all the quest in Eversong Woods (about 70) and my newly made warrior is level 14. One more trip into the Ghostlands and she’s ready for dungeon time. Although I personally prefer quest levelling.

When I made my warrior, I had trouble finding a suitable name. My boyfriend then mentioned he would make a belf warr too, so we could level together, like in the good old days (<3) and he would name his warrior Nefaryon. All remarks towards Deathwing’s son Nefarian (is it really his son? some guildie mentioned it, but I’m too lazy to take a look at the official lore) aside, I really liked the name. In the spirit of love and inspiration-less evenings, I decided to give my warrior the female version of the name. The result was Nefaryaen. I like the name, it fits with the other names of my characters, and it has this nice ring to it. Plus, my boyfriend loves me for picking matching names, which is always a bonus. 😛 I’m going Fury until I’m level 40-something (dual spec, how I love thee) and then adding a Protection spec for tanking purposes. I wanted to tank the lowbie dungeons, since I’ve never done that before, but my boyfriend was being an idiot (not exactly, he said I could choose what I wanted, but in a non-caring mood I said he could choose first, unfortunately he chose the spec I wanted, and now I’m blaming him because I’m evil like that), so now I’m stuck with a DPSspsec until level 40. Oh well, guess that’s WoW for you. 🙂

If you’re wondering what exactly my plans are with Nefaryaen, here’s your answer: I don’t know. It’s fun and relaxing to leave those end-game ICC heroics, and go back to where I started it all, in the beauty that is Eversong Woods. I know most of the quests there by here, so they’re easy, quick, and chill. Also, the fact my boyfriend and I are playing together without shouting at each other (MORE DPS! / TAUNT IT, FFS!) is a nice bonus too. But I don’t know if I really want to level her to level 80 (or 85 come Cataclysm) or if I just want to keep her around to do relaxing stuff for once, when I’m bored with my other characters. I guess we’ll see.

On a sidenote, the low level areas of Eversong Woods were FILLED with warriors yesterday, and I suspect other starter areas were crowded with the new race/class combos too. It’s just craaaazy. Fun, but crazy. So, did any of you make an undead hunter, or a belf warrior, or any of the new possibilities? And how did you like the changes in Orgrimmar? I got lost several times, and I HATE the portals dissapearing, but I love the other changes. WoW has become a lot more interesting again.

As you may or may not know, I would like to have the Loremaster achievement before the release of the new expansion, Cataclysm. I made up my mind about this approximately two months ago, half-way through september, and although it seemed almost impossible to get at that time, I was pretty determined to get the achievement anyway. I’m well aware of the fact going for Loremaster will be significantly easier in the new expansion (the old world will be divided into different zones, much like Outland and Northrend, rather than one achievement for an entire continent), but I wanted to give it a try anyway – probably because I am crazy and belong in an asylum, or because I am utterly addicted to Feats of Strength. So, half-way september I came to the conclusion that the Loremaster title was going to be mine, and while I quested in Azeroth, I would go for a little exploration too – multitasking, in other words – and earn that fancy title “The Explorer” too. But as we all know, things like that are easier said than done, and the way towards Loremaster is difficult, tiresome and very, very long.

I began my epic journey with about 200 quests done in the Eastern Kingdoms, 300 in Kalimdor, 3 zones completed in Outland (Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand and Zangarmarsh) and the Loremaster of Northrend achievement, so I was about half-way (not really :p). First of all, I installed an add-on called EveryQuest, which was extremely helpful in the Eastern Kingdoms, to have a clue of which quests I missed. To keep things simple, I started at the top (Eversong Woods, Quel’Dalas, Ghostlands) and made my way down to the bottom, occasionally exploring Alliance-only zones. I could call myself lucky if I managed to do thirty quests or so a day, and even that would require countless hours of my time. It’s safe to say that questing in the Eastern Kingdoms was a lot more difficult than in Outland, especially when half of the quests didn’t even count, or counted towards Kalimdor. I think that of all the zones in the Eastern Kingdoms, I spent most of my time in the Eastern Plaguelands – combining questing and grinding reputation for the Argent Dawn – and Stranglethorn Vale. Numberous hours, head aches and anger tantrums later (you have to admit nothing is more annoying than one item that simply won’t drop), I left the Eastern Kingdoms with two very nice achievements.

After finishing the achievement in the Eastern Kingdoms, I took a couple of days off to get back on track with university assignments, and simply because I was fed up with questing all the time. Rather than going to Kalimdor, I decided to do Outland first, mainly because Outland is more ease-mode than Kalimdor, and because I needed gold, which Outland would kindly provide me, whereas questing in Kalimdor only gives you a couple of silver per quest. So I took my flying mount, voidwalker and empty bags and travelled through the Dark Portal. Since only three zones where done, I had a lot of options where I would go to first, but being the boring person I am, I decided to begin at the top again (Netherstorm, Blade Edge’s Mountains) and travel all the way to the bottom (Terrokar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley). It took me about a week of somewhat avid questing to complete the Loremaster of Outland achievement, which makes it about ten times easier than the achievement in the old world zones. Since I love multitasking, not only did I get one fancy achievement, but I got two instead.

So now I’m done with ease-mode Outland, I’m going to take another couple of days off (till monday, I presume), and then try to do the remaining quests in Kalimdor. I have 442 quests done there now (thank god some quests in the Eastern Kingdoms counted towards Kalimdor, or I’d still be stuck on 300) which means about 240 to go. I have no doubts that Kalimdor will be just as difficult as the Eastern Kingdoms, if not more difficult and time-consuming, with the constant travelling from area to area. >.< But, it’s one last continent and that fancy title is mine, so I’m motivated enough to achieve this. When I have the Loremaster achievement, it’s party-time, people. Wish me good luck! 🙂

From reading my blog, you may by now have gathered the viable information that my progress in ICC is limited to killing Putricide and rescueing the Dreamwalker, two boss fights I’ve only done for the very first time about one week ago. But, ever since I got the hang of being a raid master, I have been unstoppable. I love leading raids. I love inviting people, setting their roles, explaining tactics, yelling raid warnings, passing loot to the highest roll, etc. Maybe it’s the feeling of being in charge – I’m a very dominant, sometimes bossy person, so that would be no surprise – or the respect that comes naturally when you’re a decent raid leader, or simply because my guild – and I – are finally making progress. Finally, we’re no longer magically dissapearing once Saurfang is dead, or cowering behind our companions when we try to slay Festergut; finally, we’re looking at those bosses, our hearts filled with courage, our mind set on destroying them no matter how many times we have to try it, or how high our repair bills are. We have turned from a bunch of sissies to merciless, headstrong warriors! All under my command ofcourse.

On wednesday, we had killed all bosses upto and included the Dreamwalker, sauf Putricide. So thursday, when we were up for a continue of the run, we killed Putricide first, which was a very casual occassion since we killed him without much hassle. Then we made our way to The Frostwing Halls, ready to take on the most fearsome dragon in the history of…fearsome dragons. Courageous we stood while tactics were explained, people double-checked their gear, rotations and talent specs, videos were being watched in the spur of the moment, general warning were exchanged, we crossed our fingers and off we went. The OT disconnected at the start of the fight, so our MT had to take Sindragosa all on his own, which was doable at first, but became too much to handle half-way the fight. People froze randomly from standing to close to people hit with beam, the dragon wasn’t always turned properly, it was total chaos. We wiped, our healers resurrected, the OT logged back on, and off we went again. About halfway the fight, our OT got disconnected again, making us believe he either had a very lousy internet connection or the connection itself was so afraid of Sindragosa it chickened out involuntarily. Eventually we replaced the paladin with a dk tank from our guild, recapped tactics quickly, and recommenced our battle! First phase went like a charm, but second phase everyone was running around like a goblin high on booze. Another wipe, another explenation of tactics, words of encouragement, and into the lion’s (dragon’s) lair again! It took us about 5 tries in total to get it right, but all in all it was quite impressive for us, casual raiders, to kill Sindragosa with more ease than we had ever anticipated. The dragon was slain, the princess freed (not really, the loot did not contain a princess, but rather some pala garments) and we all got to welcome a new achievement to our already quite-impressive achievement list!

But we, fearless warriors as we were, were not yet done with the ICC bosses! Two more had to fall before we got to the final, and most horrific one of them all, the Lich King himself. So we ventured over to The Crimson Halls, sighed as we gazed upon the Blood Council, gathered all the courage our hearts could muster, reread every tactics manual we could find, and surrendered ourselves to the mercy of the gods and godesses of battle. Needless to say, we got our ass beaten in most terrible ways. Keleseth literally ripped us to shreds. But because the world of WoW is so forgiving, we got to release spirit, come back from the dead, pay repair bills large enough to give every sane person a heart attack, and tried again. This time it wasn’t me who was subjected to the whims of Keleseth anymore (being a warlock, I thought tanking him would be a good idea – it turned out not to be), as our main tank took Keleseth while the OT dealed with the two other prigs. Another wipe, mainly because the hunter didn’t know what to do with the bombs, some people weren’t too clear on tacts in general, and one of our healers decided saying “yes” to a ready check, but then switching over to watching Buffy was a good idea. It took us about four times to get the fight right, including a switch of tanks again (Keleseth really is a badass fellow), a massive mount of additional dps done and a ferocious Doomguard coming to our rescue (aka, I pumped out 15k dps the last seconds of the fights, as I was one of the only dpses still alive). Casualties aside, we did make it, and the Blood Council…didn’t.

By then, it was far over our usual bedtime, most of us were tired, and it seemed pointless to try the Blood Queen when we had already endured enough agony for one day. We had been humiliated, beaten, murdered, slaughtered, destroyed, resurrected, and all that, all over again. But we had succeeded in making an impressive amount of progress for one night, and we were content. All under my excellent leadership, of course. They Love Me in That Guild (reference to They Love Me in That Tunnel =p).

Raid is scheduled to continue on monday, which is basically tomorrow, and we will give the Blood Queen our best shot. When she’s dead, our next goal is The Lich King. But I hold no vain hopes that we will kill the king of all evil tomorrow, as I imagine he will turn out to be a far more skilled opponent than the other creatures hidden deeply within Icecrown Citadel.  But one day, The Lich King and I will stand eye to eye, and then we’ll see who of us in the true King (or Queen, since I’m female :p). No, in all fairness, I’ll be glad if we kill Lanathel tomorrow, and get a couple of shots at The Lich King. There’s always still tuesday, right?

I’ve been a member of this guild for a couple of months now. Many raids later, I thought it was my turn to shine in the spotlight, so when my boyfriend said he was going to organise a raid (he’s Raid Master), I said I would lead it. Usually I’m a shy person, uncomfortable to talking to people I don’t know, especially online, but thanks to nice and friendly guildies, this feeling has dissapeared almost completely. We made a group with 7 guildies, 3 PUGs and off we went to ICC. Up to the Lich King (yeh, right).

Everything started out great. The PUG tank obviously knew what he was doing, as was the PUG mage, who also happened to be a very friendly person. I really felt in my element, being Master Looter, yelling Raid Warnings, doing rc’s…It seemed to me like I was meant to do this all along. My boyfriend is always complaining about the half hour waits in Dala looking for healers or tanks, and about the stress when a dozen people whisper you at the same time, but this actually worked very soothing for me. I was more calm and relaxed in ICC than I had ever been before. So we downed Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, The Gunship and Saurfang without a single wipe, and in less than an hour. We also downed each boss incredibly fast, since every dps had a nice and steady amount of dps.  Good job, Raid Leader. Wait. It only gets better.

We got into the Plagueworks and went to Festergut. Downed him in one try. I was happy, relieved, because usually this takes us 2-3 tries because of some people simply not getting tactics, although they are insanely easy. Then we went to Rotface, and the oozes. Now I don’t know what exactly it is with these oozes, but half the pugs and noob guildies don’t get what to do with them, although I can’t imagine how I can explain better than “When you get the debuff, run to marked OT asap, keep running around until you find another ooze and merge them into one”, or something along those lines I said in raid warning. So we started the fight, and suddenly the OT yelled someone was dpsing the oozes, which is incredibly stupid, and made us wipe in no time. We were a bit upset, explained tactics again, said no ICC raid is a real ICC raid without a single wipe or dead for that matter, and back to Rotface again. This time no one dpsed the oozes, and Rotface went down in no time. Never before have I seen his health go down at such amazing pace. All in all, I was happy. But now was Putricide, and I did have my worries about him.

Our guild only downed Putri for the first time approximately one week ago. It took us four tries to get tacts right, which is ridiculous when looking back on it. First try, we didn’t kill the red ooze fast enough. Second try, OT died before last phase, causing a huge wipe in the process as Putri regained tons of health. Third try, MT pulled Putri to the wrong side, and floor around him was green, and we only realised too late we should have pulled him to the other side. Fourth try, SUCCESS. This week, under my command, however, we downed Putri in one single try. To be honest, the 7 guildies that came along all had been at the Putri fight one week ago, the OT obviously knew what he was doing and the mage was just plain awesome. So we downed the mean professor and went to Dreamwalker.

Now everyone knows DW is an easy fight. Basically it’s just spam heal while tanks control the mobs, and dps kill all adds asap. However, we had two priest healers, one paladin healer, and everything just went wrong. We would have made it the first time, but suddenly the priest who was healing the dragon yelled “oom” and we all knew what time it was. Apparently he had forgotten to take the portals…Second time, the pala healer messed up, third time I have no clue what went wrong, fourth time our OT left saying “healing sucks”, and fifth time we gave up. We disbanded, and I rescheduled for the day after.

The next day, we took a guildie shaman rather than the PUG pala healer, to do the Dreamwalker fight. We succeeded in one single try, which made us all gasp with relief. Next up, we went to the Crimson Hall, with plans of downing the Blood Council (first time ever for me, and most of my guildies) in about five tries. Yeah, right. *sarcasm*

My lock was initially going to be the caster tank for Keleseth, however I had about 1978 ms – insane lag, that means – so I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep aggro. We chose a guildie druid to do the job, and the other tanks were on the other two brothers. We didn’t last very long. Didn’t even get them halfway their health. Everytime we tried, someone screwed up. Dps was low, the druid tank couldn’t manage aggro at all, the MT got hit by Keleseth several time causing him to die almost instantly, etc. After a couple of wipes, we chose a DK with offspec tanking to take Keleseth. We wiped again, although we lasted a bit longer. Then our MT tried to take Keleseth, while the OT took Valandar and the DK took the last one. We lasted to approximately 30%, until we wiped again by lack of healing this time. We gave up – in reality, I had to go to meet some friends, so I didn’t have any more time – and rescheduled for monday. I ordered every one to read tacts. Hopefully that will help.

All in all, I enjoy being a raid leader. It’s nice giving warnings, giving loot, and imagining people actually listen to you. Next week when we have an ICC run, I’ll ask to be raid leader again, simply because I like it. Especially when everything goes well, which is normal, I guess. If anyone has any tips on how to defeat the Blood Council, let me know. ;P

I’ve been out of the blogging scene for a while, and when I came back it was mostly with guides and my opinion about Cataclysm, but I didn’t mention the current state of my WoW characters, what they’ve been up to, who they’ve been killing, how their levelling is going, who is currently the coolest toon of them all, etc. I will quickly sum up everything in this post, to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.


My beloved main has been rocking the DPS meters in my new guild, Dominance of Boulderfist. She’s been doing over 12K dps easily on the ICC bosses and has her gearscore increased to 6K. Be amazed. Our guild does weekly runs of ICC, and we’re at 9/12, which is pretty good considering our last fights failed miserably because WoW kept freezing (thank you, patch 4.0). Behold, the achievement for The Plagueworks.

Apart from that, Asarhia has been preparing for Cataclysm. There are some old-skool achievements she wants before the new expansion comes out, mainly Classic Raider, For The Horde!, Glory of the Hero, Classic Dungeonmaster, Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms, and Loremaster of Kalimdor. I have around 460 quests in the EK so far, which means about 90 to go (although they’re very hard to find) and about 400 quests in Kalimdor, which means still a hell of a lot to go. 😦 Yesterday, I got her to raid the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (which went great, although we wiped once on the Twin Emperors because no one really knows tacts for them nowadays), so that’s two of the classic raids finished and about 4 more to go. Since I didn’t do dungeons at all while I levelled my main, I’ve been soloing the classic dungeons now. I still have about 5 more to go, but I’m confident I’ll get there.


Last time I mentioned my alt Death Knight, she was fighting her way through Hellfire Peninsula and Nagrand, trying to get to level 62. That was months ago, and it makes me remember how much times has passed since. Myrith is now a level 80 DK, with half-way decent gear. She has some blues, some purples, but she’ll probably stay this way until the expansion comes out (yes, I’m lazy like that). She has dual-spec now, blood for tanking and unholy for dps. Although I’ve only tanked some dungeons with her, I’m getting used to tanking and I really like it. It makes me feel all mighty and important 😛 Here are some of her most recent achievements.

And here’s a picture of Myrith, and how awesome she looks. I ❤ her hair.


When I left you guys, Ryvenscryr was level 16. Now, she’s level 35 mostly thanks to guildies boosting her because I’m too lazy to do it myself. My goal is to get her to level 60 before Cataclysm comes out, but since I’m the laziest person on this side of the planet, that might be a hassle. She is now Shadow-specced, but I saved up enough money to buy dual-spec at level 40, so she will be Shadow for DPS and Holy for healing. My first healer ever, lets see what that gives 😛

Other Characters

My mage, Ellyria, is still stuck on level 14, without any hopes of levelling before Cataclysm unless I get insanely bored. I’ve made a new toon, Lyssandra, who is now a level 5 hunter and already managed to bore me to death, although hunters do insane dps compared to other chars, at these low levels. Furthermore, my only Alliance character, dranei warrior Kaethe is still only level 7, and my bank alt is still only just a level 1 bank character. She does have a gorgeous dress though.