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After disappearing from the WoW scene for a long time – my last post here dating back to 2010 (heck, where has the time gone?) I got back into WoWing. To be honest, I gave it a shot for a few months after the Pandaria expansion was released. Then I got bored again, quit, and […]

Tonight was a very special night. The boyfriend and I went to a night opening of a local game’s store and bought Cataclysm. Since I’ve never went to a night opening before, it was quite the experience :P. Now I’ve just finished installing the game, logged in, bought Flight Master and am now trying to […]

Silly title, I know. Basically this post is a summary of what I’ve been up to as of late in the amazing world of Warcraft. Since  nothing all too exciting happened, this is all I got for you folks right now. 🙂 I’m working on a Socketing Guide for Warlocks in PvP, but I’m a […]

Usually Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich? is one of the hardest achievements to obtain, unless you feel like spending a day or three continuously hitting low-level monsters and chasing them through half of the continent. I hadn’t really planned to complete this achievement, but yesterday I got quite the surprise when I stumbled into […]