Character: Asarhia

Name: Asarhia
Server & Faction: Boulderfist Horde
Level, Race & Class: Level 80 Bloodelf Warlock
Talent Build: 2/14/54 Destruction Spec & 53/13/5 Affliction Spec
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During the Third War, Prince Arthas led his army of the Scourge against the High Elves, ravaging their homeland Quel’Thalas and corrupting the Sunwell. It was during this gruesome attack that Asarhia, merely a child, witnessed the murder of both her parents. She swore to take revenge on Arthas and his Scourge legion, no matter what it would take. Because of the corruption of the Sunwell, the now self-proclaimed Blood Elves searched for other ways to get their magical abbilities back. Asarhia was one of the first to accept the help of Illidan Stormrage, who promised the Blood Elves to restore their magic by siphoning the chaotic energies from demons. The young Blood Elf trained herself in the dark arts thoroughly during the next few years. She learned to enslave demons, to cause a victim unbelievable pain and agony and to protect herself using Fel Energy. Although now a highly skilled warlock, by some even seen as a legendary hero, Asarhia still has no other purpose in life than to destroy the legions of the Scourge and defeat Arthas – for once and for all. Unfortunately her desire for revenge and destructive lifestyle have driven her to the point where she would rather become Lich King herself than to give the people of Azeroth their freedom back.


Asarhia is one of the worst kinds of warlocks you will ever come across. She is vindictive, evil and extremely arrogant. She has a sense of humour but it’s dark and sarcastic. She finds the pain of others often quite hilarious and likes to inflict pain on people as much as she can, whether it be by destructive curses or simply sly remarks. Ambition and vengeance are her two main characteristics. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she doesn’t have a lot of friends. She has perhaps one or two allies in the whole of Azeroth, one being an extremely annoying and way too cheerful Paladin who by some miraculous way finds Asarhia’s attitude rather charming and funny and the other her favourite and most loyal minion, Grimgak.

PvP Gear Wishlist

Below is a list of the PvP Gear I am currently saving up for on this character. PvP Gear is most commonly used in battlegrounds, duels and arenas. Scratched items are items I have already bought.

PvE Gear Wishlist

Below is a list of the PvE Gear I am currently saving up for on this character. PvE Gear is most commonly used when questing, during raids and in dungeons. Scratched items are items I have already bought.


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